Sunday, March 11 2018
2:00pm - 4:00pm

CANCELLED - Cover to Cover: A Literary Discussion Group

Due to unforeseen last-minute circumstances, the book club has been canceled for today. Kink is more than just a dungeon. It's more than the hottest chains or the shiniest leather....the essence of BDSM is built on a myriad of different concepts and deep emotional connection. Come join us for a bite to eat and delightful conversation on the latest Kink read of the month!

Whether you are new, seasoned, or back from hiatus, Cover to Cover(CTC) is open to all members of the community.

2077 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131
(Please join us in the backroom)

Cost: This venue has offered this space free of charge. Please help us keep this space available by supporting the venue with the purchase of food or beverages.

Discussion Group Rules: Please keep the fetish-wear to a minimum, and use a cover-up when entering and exiting our meeting place within the business (this includes collars, cuffs, leashes, etc). No toys are allowed at the discussion group. Nudity: NONE, nada, zip, zilch; so please do not even think about it. No Scenes, or S/M Play allowed, but D/s is always fun. Please respect the Non-D/s patrons of this establishment with your actions and words. Never touch someone else, their toys, or property without asking and receiving permission. Remember that NO means NO. No cameras, tape recorders, or recording devices of any type are allowed.

Confidentiality rules apply: The identity of discussion group members may not be disclosed to any outside party. Please remember that not all members are comfortable expressing their kink side as others may be. While the topics and discussions of the group may be shared with outside parties, the identity of group members and who said what may not be shared.

About smOdyssey...

smOdyssey, Inc. is a non-profit, pan-sexual membership organization created to foster social contact, education and community among adults who are interested in consensual Leather and BDSM topics and practices.

Our goals are to provide members and guests with information and education regarding personal health and safety issues, and other topics as related to consensual adult leather and BDSM lifestyles and activities. We also want to provide a supportive atmosphere for members and guests to meet, to freely communicate, and to interact for pleasure, recreation and other activities as allowed by the nonprofit status of smOdyssey, Inc.

Whether this is your first foray into sensation or role play or you are a highly-skilled veteran of the leather/BDSM scene, smOdyssey is here for you. By way of classes, workshops, social gatherings, discussion groups, on-line forums, and community outreach events, smOdyssey provides you with many opportunities to share your experience, enthusiasm and enjoyment with peers in the southern San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

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