Tuesday, April 3 2018
6:30pm - 9:00pm

✥ SF Kink Collective ✥ Happy Hour @ Novela | SFKC x SFTNG

Our 4/3 happy hour is at Novela, 662 Mission Street, a short walk from Montgomery Station in SF. It's a beautiful space that serves bar snacks and specialty punches. Look for the table top signs to find us! We are usually tucked into the back space.

Your SFKC hosts will be @TheBlairswitch and @Athena-K, and our sponsor co-host will be @EvilLiza, representing SFTNG (The Next Generation) - fetlife.com/groups/47797
Hope you can join us!

A gentle reminder that we expect our guests to behave respectfully. Always ask first before touching someone, and please no aggressive cruising. You will be asked to leave if you can't respect these rules.

About San Francisco Kink Collective
Are you looking for ways to connect to the larger kink community? Are you curious about other groups but haven't been able to explore them yet? Yearning for a place to just hang out with other kinksters and relax? Come grab a bite or drink with us on Tuesdays and get to know your local community!

SFKC is a new social group that meets weekly! We aim to provide a crossroads for kinksters of the Bay Area, and connect people to each other and to our wider community. You can read more about us here - fetlife.com/groups/167100/about - join our Fetlife group to stay current with our events!

We have a dedicated group of volunteer hosts who will gladly introduce you to others, and each social will have a special "sponsor" co-host from another kink group, so you get to meet new people and learn about what else is going on in the Kinky Bay Area!