Saturday, May 9 2020
11:00am - 6:00pm

A Weekend with Tamandua and Kaija[POSTPONED]

Tickets are presale only

We are so happy to welcome both Tamandua and Kaija back to VoxBody, together for the first time here, for a weekend workshop with a focus on the beauty of kinbaku.

This weekend is especially suitable for those interested in classical tormenting kinbaku who also wish to work a bit closer on the aesthetic side of the practice.

Students will be tying on bamboo points, therefore class capacity will be smaller making for a more intimate setting and more time for presenter feedback.

We will look into topics such as:
Balance/imbalance and harmony
Tying and handling gracefully and confidently
Adapting and adjusting to what makes sense with our partners/models shape and expression
Angles, levels and lines for composition and effect
As always exercises aimed to be integrated with a foundation of erotic torment which is intimate and pleasurable for both parts.


This workshop includes ties that are semi-suspended and fully suspended!
To manage this both the one tying and the one getting tied needs to have prior experience in TK
under load. The person tying must have learned how to tie a load bearing/suspendable TK from a
teacher IRL (not video or skill share). When this topic comes up during the workshop it should give additional knowledge not the first time learning it!
Both parts need to have prior experience in suspension and the one tying should know how to safely make and lock off suspension lines on a bamboo.
We ask that couples tying together know each other in rope play prior to the workshop and do not only couple up in order to attend (aka open model/rigger search).
If you are unsure about meeting the technical requirements please consider booking preparatory
classes ahead of time.

About the presenters:

Tamandua is a traveling kinbaku educator based in Berlin.
His kinbaku is strongly focused on sensual torment (seme) and the erotic beauty of ritual and
imagery in classical kinbaku.
Tamandua believes that kinbaku is a primarily about attraction to, and fetish of, the body in distress and vulnerability, where expressions can be raw and dramatic, and subtle at the same time as perfect.

As a kinbaku practitioner you want to master these ambiguities both emotionally and
aesthetically while maintaining a position of empathetic sadism.
As an educator Tamandua states it is highly important to practice doing kinbaku in a way which is
reflecting and validating of the experience of our partner, whatever side of the rope or power
dynamic we are on. Therefore you need to learn not just how to do things, but also in what manner we do them.

Find Tamandua on Fetlife @Tamandua and IG @tamanduakinbaku

kaija/chuck began it's personal journey with physical and mental edge-pushing as a child gymnast, yogi, and physical theater performer. it has always been enticed by the spiritual/emotional aspects of pain and is deeply fed by experiences that test it's will power.

chuck is passionate about bringing the dedication of it's gymnastic training, the mindfulness/longevity of it's yoga practice, and the embodied presence of it's theater training to the BDSM network at large in which chuck has found a home like no other.

Find chuck on Fetlife & IG: @kaijafaerie

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