Tuesday, August 3 2021
7:00pm - 9:30pm

S.G.N.O. Submissive Girls Night Out [Virtual]

Our purpose is to provide a safe space and serve as a resource for female identifying submissives/bottoms through structured support, discussion, and learning. SGNO strives to share core community values with everyone from newbies to experienced players on their individual journey in BDSM.

Due to safety concerns during the COVID-19 crisis, SGNO will be a virtual munch for the remainder of 2020. We meet at 7:00pm PST on the first Tuesday of every month via Zoom.

If you are interested and have further questions, please send a message to any of the group leaders.

I hope you will take the time to get to know us and join in!

SGNO Group fetlife.com/groups/6943

You must be over the age of 18 to attend.

Be respectful and actively participate to make the shared space a judgement free zone.

No nudity.

During discussion, one person speaks at a time. Please do not speak over someone else.

Please notify the moderator in chat if you have a question/comment to share.

We encourage everyone to use positive language, listen to everyone who shares, and seek to understand why someone may have a different perspective than your own.

Understand that a topic of conversation may be triggering. You are free to leave if you become uncomfortable at any time. Please reach out to a Leader for support if needed. We will hold space for you.

Respect people’s privacy. Please keep anything that is shared during discussion confidential and do not share with anyone outside of the group. Recording the Zoom meeting or taking screenshots is prohibited.

If any conflict arises, please bring your concern to a Leader in a timely manner.

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