Monday, August 31 2020
5:00pm - 6:00pm

Whip Fit - Flogger Based Movement & Light Cardio class with Midori

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When (Duration: 1 hour)
- Thr 8/13. 4pm pdt
- Mon 8/17. 5pm pdt
- Thr 8/20. 2pm pdt
- Mon 8/24. 5pm pdt
- Thr 8/27. 5pm pdt
- Mon 8/31. 5pm pdt

Cost: Free to all of my active Patreon subscribers.

What: Flogging based movements and light exercise class.... Fluid elliptical movement. Think air guitar, shadow boxing or spinning poi! No experience necessary. We won't be making any contact with anyone or anything for this class.

You'll need:
- Wear comfortable clothes that's easy to move in. If you like support clothing, such as sport bras or jock straps, it's not a bad idea.
- Space - enough clearance to swing your flogger without causing unintentional spacial rearrangement
- Floggers - Pair or single, either is fine. Many of the movements will be done with one in each hand. Make sure it's the right length for your pace. If you are new to this, go for a lighter weight. If you want a little extra resistance and exercise, use a heavier one.

Don't have a flogger? No problem! Anything you can grip with one hand and a little flexibility will work.
A hand towel, a feather duster, one sock with a tennis ball in it, a bouquet of flowers, etc.

Want a more challenging workout? Wear some extra weights on your body. Try a heavier object to swing.

** Special notes about pets such as cats & dogs. Some animals are scared of floggers. Some animals think they're toys to chase. If you have animals, please attend to them as appropriate.

This will NOT be recorded. It's nice if you have your video on so I can see your smiles and moves, but you don't have to.

~ ~

Along with my Whip Fit classes, I am posting my unpublished and new writings, having a weekly talk show with the talented Laura Antoniou, and bringing in brilliant special guests.
Thank you for being my Patreon!
Let's get moving!

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