Monday, February 15 2021
7:00pm - 8:30pm

ONLINE: The Touch Tea Party East Bay

ONLINE: The Touch Tea Party East Bay

Anyone who is into bdsm, polyamory, swing, any other alt lifestyles, or if even if you like the words the sound of the words “desexualizing touch”. It doesn’t matter what or who you do, come kick it with us for an hour to get back in touch with your affectionate side. Feel free to drink tea, coffee, water, whatever you please as long as if it is not too intoxicating. This event happens 1st and 3rd Monday’s

This is a social event, not a play party. We will be talking about different topics relating to the various alternative lifestyles we are involved in. Our intention is to create a space where people can be themselves, learn about touch, and learn about alternative lifestyles. As of now this event will be online, although I will still say that all touch needs to be consensual. Any consent also needs to be fully informed consent. No leaving out details to any possible future engagements, please be open and honest.

We accept people of all different orientations, ways of being, preferences, bodily makeup, age, and whatever disabilities one may have.

This event is not for the purpose of picking up, I want to create a warm space where people can let their guard down and be open with each other. My intention is to create community. With that being said, if you meet people who you relate to and grow closer, that is perfectly fine as that is the beauty of life. Please exercise responsible use of human connection.

Due to the fringe nature of these alt lifestyles, we request that what is said here stays here. You can talk about what you learned, not who you saw, what was said, or any other identifying characteristics.

At this point, the meetup will be online, although in the future if it is at a venue, please contact me if you have any safety concerns or would like to be walked to your car and we can have something worked out.

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