Thursday, September 17 2020
6:00pm - 8:00pm

WEBINAR: Magickal Protection 101 with Diana Rajchel

Using both energy techniques and folk magic, this teaches a subset of spell and energy workings to help keep you safe from physical and psychic intrusions. (75 minutes)

You know not to leave your doors locked at night, you know, to change your computer passwords, and especially if you live in the Bay area, you lock anything you need to store in your car in the trunk, out of sight. When it comes to boundaries of physical property, we, for the most part, know when to trust and when not to. We often do not understand how to apply those boundaries to our metaphysical lives. Along with protecting our selves and others, we often need to set wards and filters on our person, our home, our transit, our items, and our businesses.

In this 75-minute workshop, learn how and why to link cleansing practices with protections, and how to establish and regularly update- rules for what energy may and may not connect with you and that which is associated with you. Working within a folk witchcraft framework, Diana Rajchel teaches a series of spells and formulas to protect yourself and those you love from physical and social harm, deter thieves, and to avoid the less than law-abiding law. Besides using both energy methods and folk workings, she shares ways to screen metaphysical callers, regulate spirit traffic, and establish relationships with spirits animistic and collective to create your spiritual security team.


Diana Rajchel is an author, witch, psychic life coach, and mental play kinkster. She's also a lifelong empath with feral tendencies. She has had to develop this system of self-management as a means of reducing noncon biting incidents. She can be contacted for consultation at


$25 suggested ticket price in advance through Brown Paper Tickets. We make tickets available on a $15-$35 sliding scale to promote accessibility; please pay what you can.

Ticketing closes one hour prior to the class start time. The Zoom link to participate will be send at the end of ticketing. All sales are final.


This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom. To participate, you may need to download the free, basic version of the Zoom app before the class, so sign in a few minutes early if this is your first time using Zoom. This class will not be recorded and is not available for later viewing.

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