Monday, September 13 2021
7:00pm - 9:30pm

SF Ring: Erotic Photography with Blade Bannon

Rescheduled from August
EROS 2051 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
Update: Now that EROS is open, this will be live and in person. Please, check the EROS page and website for current COVID protocols to enter. [i.e. Must have vaccination card and wear mask.] Door for event opens at 7:00pm, presentation starts at 7:30pm

Blade Bannon has been a male erotic photographer for close to two decades. He is published internationally in multiple forms of media. He started out as a nude model for erotic art shows followed by sketch artists workshops and colleges. During this time, he learned most of the classic body positions. He mentored in photography under SFBEARHUNTER and soon there after began professional work. Most of his daily work is providing images for people to use for their on-line profiles such as SCRUFF, GRINDER, TINDER etc. He is a firm believer that everyone is beautiful. The job of the photographer is to bring that beauty forth through his or her gifts.
If you would like to see a selection of Blade’s books, please feel free to visit his web page. URL:

In this presentation, Blade will discuss the following topics:
* Taking an off-the-cuff photo that is better than a photo of you holding a cell phone in a hotel mirror.
* It’s all in the angles and lighting baby. Some might ask, “Isn’t it all smoke and mirrors?” The answer is “Yes and No” Is it important? Yes, it most definitely is. We’ll talk about this as well as composition.
* What’s my best side? Do I have a best side? The answer is “Yes’ and “Yes” I will show you how to find them.
* Overcoming body shame. “99.9% of the models I’ve shot don’t believe they are pretty/handsome enough.” Not surprising considering what we’ve been fed all of our lives. Let’s discuss this.
* What kind of photo will connect to someone and avoid the swipe left syndrome. “Knowing your audience is 90% of what matters.”
* Props and the role they play in drawing someone into your photo.
* Using the photo tools on your phone. “Today’s phones are very powerful. Save money and do it yourself.”
* Let’s take some sexy pics! Trying out your new skills in a safe and fun space.
* Things to help avoid Facebook jail and how SESTA-FOSTA changed everything.
(Final Q&A segment)
FREE to attend; Donations/No one turned away for lack of funds

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