Wednesday, September 23 2020
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Introduction to Age-play / Ashley

Online Wed 9-23 Boundless Presents: Ashley / Introduction to Age-play

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Wednesday, September 23, 7:00 PM 8:30 PM
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Class Description - Introduction to Age-play

This class will cover the various aspects of age-play and age regression from both a kink view point and a therapy view point. Explaining the various ways that Age-play is used in a variety of situations ranging from non-sexual, non-kink based Age-play to what is commonly referred to as dark Age-play. This class will be taught on the base foundation that Age-play is a spectrum and that participants have the ability to define what Age-play means to them and engage in Age-play whichever way we see fit. As well, the class will have some talking points of kink acceptance and self-acceptance, it is often that participants feel Age-play is a taboo kink even among kinks and this class aims at advocating and educating a proper understanding of Age-play in order to dispel any and all misconceptions of the kink.

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About Ashley:

Ashley is a 29 year old transgender woman with a background in sociology and anthropology. She has her Associates Degree in Sociology from East Los Angeles College and is an undergraduate at the University of California Davis majoring in Biological Anthropology and minoring in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation. Her studies focus on the Ecology of human and wildlife interactions which regularly has her looking at human culture and traditions around many topics that may include sexuality and gender roles in order to determine how and why certain interactions with the environment play a role in sociological upbringings. She grew up in East Los Angeles California, a poverty stricken, unincorporated area of Los Angeles County that was the center of the East Los Angeles Walkouts/Chicano Blowouts. She is also a submissive for the House of Tanglewood, HoT, under Goddess Aphrodite's Kiss and Goddess Tara Tanglewood where she regularly plays and services for guests of the house. She has been involved in the kinky lifestyle for 10+ years with a majority of that being a little/adult baby under the Age-play umbrella.She has a unique perspective of being a lifelong Age-player, having always been learning and reading about the kink. She has recently expanded her submissive activities being collared by HoT.

Boundless Events looks forward to you virtually attending this class on Zoom.
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Dress Respectfully and please act Respectfully as well. Ashley is here to educate you.

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