Monday, August 23 2021
7:00pm - 9:00pm

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt to be Impactful
A Foundations Online Class

This class is open only to students of Foundations, who have either attended in person classes or a Foundations remote orientation.

Note: If you have attended Foundations in the past, but have not been for a long time, we welcome you back to our online classes. If you have never been to Foundations and would like to join the online classes, you must first attend a Foundations orientation and also be sponsored by an established student.

Orientations are held once a month on the third Monday. For more information, send us a message or watch our FetLife discussion group for event specifics at:

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt to be Impactful

Class Description:
Perhaps you don’t really like giving or receiving pain. Perhaps little to no touching, with a light hand, stimulation and energetic connection are more your bag. Well then this class is for you.
Maybe you have seen those bunny floggers and judged them. It’s ok to admit. This class might just be for you, too.

This class is an introduction to creating a scene involving light touch and light strokes using our hands, some toys and perhaps a pervertable or two. Come join for some instruction, discussion and hands-on demo.

It isn’t about the pain. It’s about the connection. A scene doesn’t need to cause pain to be impactful!

Presenter Bio:
Hilary is a graduate of the Journey 2018 and the SF Leather Quest Class of 2020, Class Crucible. She is the current Junior Headmaster of Foundations and she has taught across all our programs in SF, SLC and Las Vegas.

Hilary identifies as many things but unquestionably as a Leatherwoman. She has a strong service heart and believes deeply that Leather is, at its core, about deep, authentic, intentional human connection. She also believes sincerely that discussion can be facilitated, on many topics, through well-placed humor balanced with respect.

While she enjoys teaching - she sees herself primarily as a facilitator of topics and a broker of connection.

Monday the 23rd – Doors open at 6:30 (please join by then), class 7:00pm to 9:00pm

The online safety and privacy of our community is of the utmost importance to us. Upon admittance you will be asked to verify a few things including; you are a Foundation student, at least 18, and will not record the class. This will be done securely so that only one member of Foundations staff will view your replies. Also, we will require all participants to be on video, no “audio only” option. Though Foundations will do everything in our power to protect your privacy, we cannot absolutely guarantee online security.

This class will be donation based, similar to our in person classes, with no one turned away for lack of funds. Donations, however, are given before the class, as part of registering. 100% of the donations will go to Wicked Grounds, to support them sticking around for our kink communities.

Register on Wicked Grounds Annex Eventbrite. Please give a donation if you are able. Tickets are available until 5pm on Monday.

Please register here:

You will be sent a confirmation email; and another email will be sent one hour before the start time, containing login information for the class on Zoom. Join class promptly at 6:30pm. You will be admitted to a Zoom waiting room, please wait patiently. Attendees will be checked in from 6:30pm-7:00pm, one at a time. Doors will close at 7:00pm promptly. No late admittance.

Class protocols will be followed with some modifications for online classes.
• Keep yourself muted when not talking.
• We must be able to see your face (video) at all times. There will be a break during class.
• Only the students who register may attend the class. Please move out of visual/auditory range of any co-dwellers.
• During class, please refrain from using the Zoom chat feature unless instructed by a Foundations Admin team member.
• Respect the privacy of your fellow classmates, Do not record or take screenshots during the online class.

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