Saturday, October 16 2021
7:00pm - 12:00am

Blush - A Celebration of Erotic Humiliation


We will be verifying that all attendees are over the age of 18 and have been fully vaccinated before being permitted to enter the event. In addition you must consent to a rapid COVID-19 test and temperature check at the door prior to being allowed to enter the party. Tests will be provided by us at the door and are included in the ticket price. If your temperature is elevated or your rapid test is positive for COVID-19 you will be disallowed entry and receive a refund of your ticket minus the cost of the test.


BLUSH is a pansexual celebration with a focus on erotic humiliation. All types of humiliation play are welcome - from light fun verbal play, to degradation, dehumanization, and everything in between. We provide an inclusive space where people of all experience levels, genders and orientations, can socialize and play. Humiliation play is a large and inclusive umbrella and almost everyone has at least one kink that falls under it.

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The Set

The backdrop to Blush will be a high-end dungeon in Oakland, CA. The venue features two distinct, high quality, well-appointed play-spaces featuring social areas, multiple play stations and showers.


We will be adding more details as we finalize arrangements so check back often for updates!

All Are Welcome

Blush is an inclusive event. We welcome kinky adults of all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, roles, and experience levels. This is a body-positive event. We expect all attendees to honor the diversity of our community at Blush.

There & Back Again

Parking in the immediate vicinity is limited, We recommend using the Black Thorn shuttle service when available, or using rideshare. Shuttle service details will be provided in an email to attendees for events where the shuttle runs.

High-end Oakland dungeon. The address will be provided to ticket purchasers.

Saturday October 16th 2021, 7PM to midnight.


A rapid test is required to be performed on-site before entering the event. All ticket types include a free COVID-19 rapid test.

Click for tickets.

No tickets sold onsite. Attendees must arrive between 6:45PM and 9PM in order to be rapid-tested and cleared to enter the event. If you will be arriving after 9pm - You MUST email us at on or before Thursday October 14th to make arrangements otherwise you may be denied entry.

Consent is Paramount

Part of our responsibility in fostering a consent culture is to provide some guidance to help prevent consent incidents from happening at our events.

Any consent concerns can be confidentially given to the hosts at the event, on Fetlife @-Diablo- or @Amande; or by email at

What is humiliation play?

Consensual humiliation play is a powerful yet often misunderstood aspect of BDSM. Simply stated, it's any kind of activity in which one person says or does something that causes feelings of embarrassment, shame, or humiliation in the other. This can be something as simple as "dirty talk," for example by using terms like "slut" or "bitch" to refer to your partner. It can also be as complex as creating situations that are embarrassing to your partner, like exposing them in front of others, making them crawl around while on a leash, public scolding and discipline, etc.

So in essence humiliation is about power play - feeling powerless, or making someone else feel powerless. When done ethically, humiliation can build a person's mental strength, provide catharsis and raise self-esteem even as it takes away that person's power during the play. Being objectified and appreciated as a piece of art, or interrogated about things like fantasies that have never been shared with others, make for great humiliation scenes that can empower the bottom in many ways long after a scene is finished.

Humiliation play is different from most types of play because it plays mainly with emotions. Different people have different emotional triggers, so the range of activities considered to be humiliation play is huge. What one person finds embarrassing, another person might not react to at all to. Humiliation play is mostly about the feelings it produces, not just the activities themselves.

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