Sunday, February 21 2021
4:00pm - 6:00pm

WEBINAR: Singularity: A Self-Suspension Symposium with WhiskyTangoFoxy, Ivy Limieux, Parker RopeBoi, Nil and Shay Tiziano

Note: This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom. To participate, you will need to download the free, basic version of the Zoom app before the class!


There are as many styles of self-suspension and self-tying as there are humans who participate in this unique activity. Join a group of experienced practitioners to take a multidimensional approach to this stimulating subject! Each of our speakers will introduce their particular styles by showing some choice self-bondage photos and describing the ties and their processes. Many aspects of self-suspension will be discussed (perhaps even debated), with opportunities for attendee interaction, including polls and Q & A.


WhiskyTangoFoxy is a bottom-leaning switch who loves self-tying, self suspension bondage and DIY projects. She is an active member of the Chicago BDSM scene and uses she/her pronouns. Previously she hosted monthly events for Rope Bite Chicago, Hitchin' Bitches Chicago, Kinky Crafting and for Chicago Self-Tie. You can find her online serving on the moderator team for several FetLife groups like Self-Tie Tuesday and Self-Suspension Bondage.

Nil is a San Francisco based trans, indigiqueer witch, rope bender, and curator of spiritual-sexual synchrony. They exist in the liminal spaces between boundaries, in the space where the most elusive of desire resides. Nil first found love in the natural fibers of a well-spun rope while at Girl Scout camp, and they've been tying ever since. Nil relishes all ends of the rope as a rigger, self-suspender, and artistic masochistic. Interweaving the sacred into practice and play, Nil is a proud purveyor of all things creepy and curious. Nil regards kink as the ultimate artistic catharsis and uses their craft to banish gender, fracture binaries, and conjure queerness to challenge the norm. They are intrigued by the darkness behind why we play and exploring how sexual subversion creates avenues for self expression. Their classes take on the quality of the why behind what we do with a penchant for digging deep into our intimate experiences with kink, strengthening community, and creating unapologetic space to break rules and get weird. Nil can be found presenting and performing around the Bay Area, at events and conferences across the country and online.

Ivy Limieux (She/They) is a sWitchy Sadistic VoxFox. She is a rope educator previously in person and now virtually for VoxBody Studio. She has also taught classes for and other sex/kink positive organizations around the country. She is the host of Kinky, Colorful Conscious, a kinky POC roundtable discussion founded with the help of VoxBody Studio in 2018 and has used her platform to expand this group into other venues, and events for kinkyPOC. She and K.C.C. co-host Oaklands bi-monthly POC play party, SOUL. She is also a part time Pro-Domme who offers virtual and in-person sessions. You can find her musings, events, and soon her writing, on her instagram and fetlife @ivylimieux or find her FemDomme twitter @mxivyl

Parker RopeBoi is a queer rope performer and instructor known for their original self-suspension techniques and daredevil live performances. Parker developed their self-tying style alongside learning partner tying techniques, through their own experimentation, and through collaborations with other riggers, rope bottoms, and self-tyers. Since 2009, Parker has taught rope workshops and presented rope performances across North America and Europe. For Parker, rope is a versatile medium for enabling and disabling corporeal possibilities, presenting and overcoming impasses, instigating intense sensations, and exploring three-dimensional space.

Shay Tiziano is a vivacious femme switch and renowned self-suspender known for their unique, dynamic performances and fun, attainable, and risk-awareness focused approach to bondage education. She is the author of Tying & Flying, the first-ever book about self-suspension. Based in San Francisco, Shay has over a decade of experience presenting across the US and internationally. In her home community during non-pandemic times, she produces over 20 events a year, including BENT, the Bay Area's biggest dungeon party, Self-Suspension Open Space, and acclaimed bondage and fetish performance event Twisted Windows.


Tickets: $15 - $35 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets until one hour prior to the event.


Zoom does not provide closed captioning, however, we recommend the Live Transcribe App. It is free, easy to use, and works well with virtual events.

Please note: This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom. To participate, you will need to download the free, basic version of the Zoom app before the class!

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