Tuesday, February 23 2021
6:00pm - 7:30pm

WEBINAR: Chaotic D/s: When the Commitment is Deep and the Structure is "Off" with Eve Minax

Please note: This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom.

Traditionally, Erotic Dominance as an art starts with control and evolves into containment of the submissive and the scene/relationship. But what if your structure as a D or an s type is less than predictable? Do you try to enforce rigidity or can you practice with chaos? In this class, we will cover the psychology of Dominance and submission and some practices that reinforce training like rituals, collaring, and contracts. Well also discuss how to distinguish and execute fantasy D/s play versus actual D/s training. Finally, we will also address organized and chaotic types and how they might find harmony, or at least reality, in relationship with each other. Communication, Care, and Compassion are the pinnacles of trust in a relationship. Let's explore the many ways one can approach a D/s relationship while maintaining motivation, passion, and connection. FYI: this class may offer non-mandatory participation if time/inclination permits. All are welcome!


Dubbed The Approachable Pervert by peers, renowned Kink Educator and Dominatrix Eve Minax demystifies BDSM by showing erotic explorers how to be more confident, compassionate, kick-ass kinksters! An original advocate and trainer of upcoming Dominatrices, Minax has been acting as the Lead Staff Instructor for the Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Arts since 2002. Intrigued by the psychobiology of BDSM and its potential to heal, Minax has participated on the advisory board with CARAS(carasresearch.org/) and TASHRA(www.tashra.org/) and continues to study with the latter. Minax is a certified body piercer, sex educator (SFSI 2004), Urban Tantrika barbaracarrellas.com and Bondassage www.bondassage.com/eve-minax/ practitioner and trainer. With over 100 self-produced videos and shot for well-known bondage sites like bondageland.com and seriousbondage.com. Find Eve Minax at www.eveminax.com or www.sm-arts.com.


Tickets: $15 - $35 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets until one hour prior to the event. Please pay at the level you can comfortably afford.



Zoom does not provide closed captioning, however, we recommend the Live Transcribe App. It is free, easy to use, and works well with virtual events.

This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom. To participate, you will need to download the free, basic version of the Zoom app before the class! This class will not be recorded and is not available for later viewing.

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