Wednesday, December 1 2021
7:00pm - 9:00pm

A Primer on Japanese Rope Bondage: What is Shibari? / Amy Morgan [Online] Boundless Events

☆ Online Wed 12-01 7P PDT Boundless Presents: A Primer on Japanese Rope Bondage: What is Shibari? / Amy Morgan

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Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT
$ 20.00 / "suggested donation of $20"

Class: A Primer on Japanese Rope Bondage:

What is Shibari?

About the Event:

Japan has a deep and rich history with cordage and tying. The act of tying fabrics like the kimono, to rope binding of prisoners, to rope used in Shinto rituals, to wood-block prints depicting bound people and mythical creatures, rope and the act of tying are ingrained in the history and culture of Japan. How we got from tying kimono and police use of rope to modern erotic rope bondage known as Shibari is a history largely shrouded in misinterpretation and misinformation. We won't be doing a full deep dive into these topics, but we will be covering the important details to understand the context of how modern Shibari came about and dispel some of the myths along the way. We'll also cover a brief history of the modern rope scene and how Shibari came to play a predominant role.

This will not be a rope how-to class, but you will be able to come away with a better understanding, and hopefully appreciation as well, of Shibari and Japanese style rope bondage.

Some other topics to be covered include:

After discussion, we'll have a short demo scene sampling what this whole Shibari thing is all about. Then we'll open up for Q&A for as long as time permits.

About Amy Morgan:

Amy Morgan is an International Shibari practitioner, educator, and performer who has been spreading the joy of Shibari and Japanese rope bondage since 2004 and has been an active part of the public kink scene for over 20 years. Her own rope education largely stems from her travels to Japan to study under some of the best masters of the art. Her passion for rope bondage runs deep and is paralleled only by a few. She has attended, volunteered, worked, and taught at many large kink events across the country. She is also a dedicated martial artist for ten years currently holding the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt and active in two different styles of karate as well as recently entering the study of the art of Kyudo.

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