Wednesday, November 17 2021
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Unpacking Racial Fetishization in Sexually Charged Spaces / Jet Noir [Online Boundless Events]

☆ Online Wed 11-17 7P PDT Boundless Presents: Unpacking Racial Fetishization in Sexually Charged Spaces / Jet Noir

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Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT
$ 20.00 / "suggested donation of $20"

Class: Unpacking Racial Fetishization in Sexually Charged Spaces:

About the Event:

Join Jet Noir in a lecture, question, and conversation session around engaging with different races, ethnicities (culture), and nationalities (citizenship) in sexually charged spaces and the world at large. As an organizer of BIPOC-exclusive play parties, the material presented will be coming from first-hand experiences and feedback from people of varying backgrounds. Expect to examine messaging from the media that informs who we date and who we consider attractive. This presentation is designed to educate everyone on what habits tend to make some people feel othered or unsafe. This presentation will cover the difference between “preference” and fetishizing, why some people don’t want their hair touched (even if asked), and why some play parties have more diversity than others. If you’ve ever used (or heard) the expression “dating outside of your race”, this would be a great presentation for you to attend. If you’ve ever made an assumption - or heard someone assume - about what sex would be like with a person based solely on their skin color, this would be a great presentation for you to attend. If you’re convinced that you’ve never racially fetishized a person and you’ve never even witnessed a microaggression (spoiler: you probably have witnessed a microaggression), this would be a great presentation to attend. If you’ve ever believed that white privilege is a myth… Well you get the idea. Come for the conversation, stay for the chance to change the way you see the world.

About Jet Noir:

Jet Noir has been involved in sex positive communities since 2002 in Atlanta. As a Kinesiologist, educated in the study of human movement and psychology, he has spent 16 years coaching people to improve their perception of their bodies. He has taught workshops on improving the relationship we have with our five senses (interoception). He’s lectured on racial fetishization, humor in Sex Ed, and navigating consent, internationally. He’s done clip work and threesome workshops for Kink dot com. He’s a co-organizer of Express Yourself - a BIPOC-exclusive play party in Oakland and frequently volunteers as an emotional support “Angel”. Jet is a published author of sex toy and porn film reviews. Jet lives in Oakland, CA with his two cats.

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