Monday, November 22 2021
7:00pm - 9:00pm

In person class! Ask Me Anything Leather Panel
A Foundations Class

This class is open only to students of Foundations, who have either attended classes or a Foundations remote orientation. If you have never been to Foundations, you must first attend an orientation and also be sponsored to each class by an established student.

Remote Orientations are held once a month on the third Monday. For more information, send us a message or watch our FetLife discussion group for event specifics at:

This class will be held IN PERSON at the Wicked Grounds Annex.

Vaccination and masks required to attend.

Due to pandemic health concerns, there will be several requirements and new protocols for attending classes (see below). Anyone not following all of these will be asked to leave. Also, the class is subject to cancelation or rescheduling to online at any time. Check back often for updates posted here.

Ask Me Anything Leather Panel

_Class Description_
Please join us for an “Ask Me Anything” Leather Panel. During this evening’s class there will be no formal material. Instead we have assembled an amazing panel of leatherfolk who have close more than 100 years of leather history and experience among them. Please join us as you get to ask any questions you have ever been curious about but haven’t had the opportunity to ask!

_Presenter Bio_
Our panelists include:

Master Scorpio has been on a journey of self-discovery and research since 1998. He has learned many hard lessons that have shaped him, forged him! In total, he has over 20 years in the SF Bay Area scene, including 15 of service and apprenticeship. Since establishing D.E.D in 2013, he has been presenting, teaching and running a monthly workshop. He seeks pathways to truth and connections that transcend far beyond what the eye can see - in other words, deeper than the flesh.

Master Silver Gryphon
In the late 70's, SG entered the San Francisco leather community and sought education the only way possible then, by apprenticing to a gay leather couple. Since then, many others have contributed to his education, notably including several dozen who have served him over the years. He graduated from the Journeyman 3 Academy and has been the HeadMaster of LeatherQuest in San Francisco. He created and has been facilitating HumanAlive for 10 years, a weekly program that supports authenticity in authority-exchange relationships.

Matron is an equanimous compassionate human and an activist for consensual sexual freedom. She is an alumna of LeatherQuest 2009 in SLC, UT and Headmaster emeritus of The Journey San Francisco Class of 2018. Her kinky passions include cat o' nine whips, caning, cutting / scarification, blood play, and gloves.

Sir Beth Bartlett-Downey has been involved with the leather community for over 35 years, first in Southern California where she grew up, and then in San Francisco since 1991. Sir Bartlett-Downey was an organizational director with the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance for 5 years. She has worked as stage manager or director for 7 years for several leather contests, including Ms. San Francisco Leather, Mr. San Francisco Leather, International Olympus, International Ms. Leather, and International Person of Leather. Sir Bartlett-Downey is a 2008 graduate of the Journeyman III Academy. She was Headmaster of Journey-SF in 2013, Jr. Headmaster for the Leatherquest class of 2016, and Headmaster for the Leatherquest class of 2018. Ms. Bartlett-Downey was Ms. Golden Gate Leather 1996-1997. Her pronouns are she/her, and her honorific is “Sir.”


The health and safety of our community is of the utmost importance to us. While in class you will be expected to abide by all requirements listed below as well as any told to you by Foundations staff. Foundations will do everything in our power to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 exposure, however it is the sole responsibility of every individual attending to protect themselves from potential infection.

Requirements to Attend:
- Must be fully vaccinated and show proof (can be photo of card).
- Must fill out a waiver.
- Must wear a properly fitting, secure mask at all times. All masks are subject to staff approval. Masks will be supplied for those who need them.
- Must sanitize hands at entry to room.
- Any physical contact must be negotiated and consented to by each individual.
- Chairs will be separated, and must remain so, for students not bubbled together.
- No food or drink.
- Must be 18 or older (as always).
- Must show photo ID at entrance.
- Must promptly follow all instruction given by Foundations staff.

Notes to Consider:
- All windows will be open for air flow, please dress accordingly.
- When a safe capacity is reached, we will stop admitting students—please arrive early!
- Surfaces will be sanitized before and after each class.
- If you are ill, or have symptoms indicative of COVID-19, please stay home—those who are ill with COVID-19 symptoms will not be admitted.
- All post-class socials have been suspended for the time being.

Class Details:
- Class is from 7pm-9pm.
- Doors open at 6:30, class starts promptly at 7:00.
- Doors are closed to entry at 7:00 when class starts.
- Please arrive at 6:30 for admittance.

Cost is by a suggested donation of $20. Donations accepted by cash or paypal. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Wicked Grounds Annex, 293 8th street, San Francisco
Entry just to the right of Wicked Grounds.
(While the space is ADA friendly once upstairs, stairs at the front door are the only means of ingress and egress to the space.)

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