Thursday, June 24 2021
6:00pm - 6:30pm

SF: Urban Magick: a Guide for the City Witch Relaunch

DISCLAIMER: This is an in-person event. Masks and social distancing are required, windows will be open to enable airflow.

No pandemic will keep a good book down! Celebrate the relaunch of Diana Rajchel's book Urban Magick: a Guide for the City Witch at the inimitable San Francisco fixture Wicked Grounds.

This book, written with the spirit of San Francisco as a guiding hand, puts forth the magic and wonder inherent in the urban grid. From finding nature in the cement jungle to restoring a languishing neighborhood spirit, find out how tapping into your city can help you recover from all that was 2020 and move back into a more optimistic future.

Visit Wicked Grounds on Thursday, June 24th. Meet and greet and book signing from 6-630, and workshop on Urban Magick from 7-9 pm.


Diana Rajchel is, for lack of a better word, a witch. She loves magick; it is her art and innovation, her mistress and her true love. But just like any of her lovers, she has issues with being tied down. She appreciates Conjure, traditional witchcraft, and both American and British Wicca. She admires and honors the paths of her ancestors as best she can, and the paths of ancestors that differ from her. Even ceremonial and chaos magick charm her. She loves them all, but she is not them or the titles that stem from them. She is Pagan and animist. Spiritualist and psychic. She's a theist that is agnostic about religion. She's terrible with arbitrary rules that are intended only to control behavior rather than serve a greater good.
She is, most definitely, a city priestess. She can engage with manifested spirits and those innate to the land. What they teach her tends to bleed far beyond the borders of established traditions. She believes that separation from spirit and nature are arbitrary limits we place on ourselves and that such separation has nothing to do with geographic location.

Rajchel (pronounced like the first name) lives in San Francisco where she runs the Emperor Norton Pagan Social. She has a psychic life-coaching practice to assist those in the fall-between-society's-cracks parts of life. She is the author of Divorcing a Real Witch (Moon Books) and the Mabon and Samhain installments of the Llewellyn Sabbat essentials series.

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