Sunday, February 11 2018
4:00pm - 5:00pm

smOdyssey New Member Orientation

If you want to be part of a Community Educational leader in the South Bay Area, joining smOdyssey is a giant leap in that direction. For a small fee that gives you discounts at our classes and presentations, along with being part of the 'In-crowd' (wink, wink), this small investment is a most worthwhile investment toward a more educated and diverse community.

Being a member of smOdyssey has its benefits, and those benefits will be growing in number as we implement our growth plan. This will include our Educational series, of course, more social groups and gatherings, and events, small and large. Presently, we have:

First Monday Munch (1st Monday of the month, 7-9pm)

smOdyssey Orientation (2nd Sunday of the month, before D/s in the Middle, 4-5pm)
@ Denny's - 2077 N. 1st St., San Jose, private back room
Cost:$10 per year, plus a one-time $5 initiation fee

D/s in the Middle (2nd Sunday of the month, 5-7pm)

Cover to Cover: A Literary Discussion Group

smOdyssey's Board of Directors meeting (2nd Monday of the month, open to all members where you can see what we are doing to grow our organization).

smOdyssey's Educational Series (the days and places vary)

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