Sunday, February 11 2018
5:00pm - 7:00pm

D/s in the Middle - Discussion group

Interested in the concept of power exchange?

Do you practice it now?
Do you want to start?

Any questions or issues coming up in your personal or professional life that others can help with / learn from?

smOdyssey is a pansexual group, open to *all* adults - 18+ - regardless of role, gender or sexual preference.

This discussion group is attended by people of a variety of interests, ages, experience levels, relationship dynamics, genders, etc, from newbies to Old Guard.

All orientations and identifications and adults are welcome!

*This is a moderated discussion group where confidentiality, respect, honesty and questions are paramount!*

Discussion Group Goals:

Help people interested in D/s find each other for support and friendship.

Support people with the perils, pitfalls, and rewards of being involved in the Ds/SM/Leather/Fetish community.

Create a space for both new and experienced kinksters to share experiences and knowledge, and to learn from each other

Discussion Group Rules:

Confidentiality rules apply!*

Please keep the fetish-wear to a minimum, and use a cover-up when entering and exiting our meeting place within the business (this includes collars, cuffs, leashes, etc).

No toys are allowed at the discussion group

Nudity: NONE, nada, zip, zilch; please do not even think about it.

No Scenes, or S/M Play allowed, but D/s is always fun. Please respect the Non-D/s patrons of this establishment with your actions and words.

Never touch someone else, their toys, or property without asking and receiving permission. Remember that NO means NO.

No cameras, tape recorders, or recording devices of any type are allowed.


Do you have to be a Master/slave to attend?
We welcome all new or experienced Dominants / submissives, Masters / slaves, Owners / property, Bigs / littles (or even Little / big), Pirates / captives, Captains / ensigns. All archetypes are welcome!

Do I have to be a couple?
Singles & triads & groups are welcome.

Do I need a label?
Not at all, an interest in power exchange dynamics is enough.

What is a D/s power exchange?

*Confidentiality Rules:

The identity of discussion group members may not be disclosed to any outside party. Please remember that not all members are comfortable expressing their kink side as others may be.

While the topics and general discussion of the group may be shared with outside parties, the *identity of group members* and *who said what* may not be shared.

~~~Do arrive early for our intriguing New Member Orientation before D/s in the middle!~~~

Denny's 2077 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131 (Please join us in the backroom.)

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D/s in the Middle:
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