Saturday, April 7 2018
8:00pm - 1:00am

SF Citadel Presents the "New Comers plus Everyoneís party"

New to the Bay Area kinky community? Looking to make kinky friends? Trying to discover a safe space to explore your kinks?

Come on out and join us for our special monthly party to welcome newcomers into the wonderful Bay Area kinky community and the longest running, largest, and most welcoming Bay Area community dungeon, The SF Citadel.

Prepare yourself to have fun! Dungeon play is all about you being able to live out your fantasies safely using our incredible collection of dungeon furniture and our extensive play and social spaces to meet wonderful people. It's a place where you can ask questions of the party host, ambassadors, dungeon monitors, and more experienced players. (Just please don't interrupt them while they're playing!)

First time in a dungeon environment? Then we highly recommend attending the Society of Janus Dungeon Introduction and Etiquette Program that starts at 6:30pm itís a free educational course designed to make your first time easier and itís held right here at the SF Citadel, plus just for attending you get $5 off the admission to the party.

Schedule to hectic to make the class? Thatís okay, just come to Newcomers Night at the SF Citadel starting at 8:00 PM itís the one night every month where everything is geared towards people like you who have never been to a dungeon before, but are looking to explore and expand their kinky life.

The SF Citadel works continuously to create a safe and welcoming space for people of all kink levels, genders, orientations, dynamics, and identities to enjoy themselves in.

Volunteer shifts, one hour of work for free entry:
Go to Fetlife Citadel Volunteers Group here: