Friday, April 13 2018
8:00pm - 1:00pm

SF Citadel Present: Tryst Hosted by Amehana and DevilsLuck

The SF Citadel presents "Tryst," a specialty event hosted by Hana and Mark for everyone who considers themselves to be "on the market" for new dating partners.

Whether you are fresh-off-the-farm new, or older-than-the-earth experienced, Tryst is a great place to mingle and meet new people. Come find that special someone, new partners, platonic friends, or whatever you happen to be looking for. Poly or monogamous, single or not, whatever your orientation, there are always tons of people to meet at Tryst! And you are not limited to chat: the space will be open to practice your skills with old friends and new from 8 PM - 1 AM.

Have a hard time striking up conversation? Feeling a little socially awkward? Just want a new pool of people to flirt with? We're here to help!

*From 8-10pm, ice-breakers and games will help you learn more about each other and get everyone warmed up.
*There will be a bead code to help identify relationship orientation and desires so that you can target folks you are most likely compatible with.