Saturday, April 14 2018
8:00pm - 1:00am

SF Citadel Presents: Taboo Hosted by FlamingJune

The SF Citadel's Official Edge Play Party hosted by FlamingJune

Yes, my Dear Ones, I am hosting TABOO once again! I am very excited to begin TABOO this year with one of my favorite themes - Erotic Humiliation! Of course there is a Wiki for that. A very hot wiki all about Erotic Humiliation. So read! Be inspired! And, bring your most twisted and creative games.

For something fun to perk up your ears check out the latest Wicked Grounds Kinky Queer Revolution podcast where Mir, Jeni, and Ishmael speak with Taboo host, Flaming June, about Edge Play, Taboo, and Kink.

About the TABOO Party:
Have you been longing to do a truly perverted scene where others may look on in awe and horror. Do you fantasize about a scene that gets you completely hot, but worried the BDSM police may get all frowny faced at you? Awww ... Then this is the party for you!

We are in the process of planning our perverted fun for the evening. Please check back for updates.

If there is something particularly grandiose you want for your Taboo scene contact FlamingJune via PM to facilitate your fun.

TABOO is a risk aware consensual kink (RACK) based play environment. We want everyone to feel welcome, play safe and have fun doing it. Citadel Dungeon Monitors have gone through the Citadel DM classes, training shifts and vetting process.

As always, ALL Citadel rules apply. The SF Citadel presents the city’s premiere BDSM space! We provide furniture, scene music, munchies, refreshments …. and ambiance. You bring your implements of choice and your hot, sexy energy!

RSVPs are encouraged but not required.
For work exchange (a volunteer shift earns you free entry!), join the Citadel Volunteer group here on FetLife and look for the TABOO posting for available shifts.