Friday, March 9 2018
8:00pm - 1:00am

SF Citadel Presents - Dominion Hosted by Nefarious1


A D/s based PANSEXUAL play party for Dominants and Submissives
Friday March 9th

Fetlife Event

Dominion S.F. is a PANSEXUAL play party for Dominants and Submissives in the S.F. and surrounding areas. The idea is to help encourage and promote cross communication between female, male and non binary Dominants and submissives who enjoy Dominance, submission, protocols, elegance and respect.

EVERYONE is welcome... partnered, singles, poly, mono, non gender binary, female, male, gay, lesbian, hetero, it does not matter.... As long as you enjoy D/s and can respect others around you.

These events will focus on D/s, elegance and protocols and hopefully bringing the same level of elegance as the Upper floor to the S.F. Citadel gatherings. Although the Bay Area has several events that focus on D/s dynamics and up scale elegance most of them are gender specific and focus on Female or Male Dominance only during their events. My hope is to bring Male, Female and Non Gender specific dominants and submissives together in an event that focus on respect, grace, elegance and an enjoyment of all things D/s.


Each Event will start with a 1 hour SEPARATED social where Dominants and Submissive get to hang out together without the other present.

Submissives are asked to wear a collar or ribbon around their neck to identify themselves.

We ask that Dominants address other Dominants first and ask before greeting partnered submissives.

We also ask that submissives address Dominants first and ask before greeting partnered submissives.



Doors open.


Separated Social hour. Dominants lounge will be located in the back room and will be served by house submissives.

Submissive space will be in the main dungeon.


The reunion and Open play for the rest of the night.

Etiquette and expecations.

Respect - Above all else people at this event will respect each other and treat each other with respect. You do not have to agree with everything that an individual says or believes but you do need to extend them the courtesy or allowing them those beliefs.

Submission- Is a gift, unless this gift is given directly to you either by another Dominant or by an agreement with a submissive (yours of otherwise). You should have no expectations or make requests of any submissives outside of your own. Just because someone identifies as a submissive does not mean they are submissive to you.

Dominance- Is a state of mind/being and is not a pissing contest. I believe that true dominance is NOT domineering. It is a strength of character and level of respect that you show to others and receive in return. Dominant personalities can at times clash but with respect all things can be tempered. Also Dominance is a gift as well and no submissive should have expectations or make requests of any Dominant outside of your own. Just because someone identifies as a Dominant does not mean they are Dominant to you.

Elegance- The quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style. Strive to be better and brighter than you once were. Enjoying nice things is not a crime. When present at an event, make the effort to put your best foot forward and dress (or undress) to impress. Be graceful in your understanding and expectations of others.

Understanding- Sympathetically aware of other people's feelings; tolerant and forgiving. Do not shame or talk down to anyone for having a lack of knowledge or understanding. Instead educate and promote understanding and you will elevate not only yourself but the quality of the people around you.