Monday, February 26 2018
7:30pm - 9:30pm

The Dominant Discussion Group

Are you a Top just starting out and need advice? Maybe you are already in an established D/s relationship and want fresh ideas and inspiration for the new year? Whatever your experience level, we welcome you to join the longest running Dominants-only discussion group in SF.

We are a group providing a safe and private place for all D-types across the spectrum. Be it Tops, Dominants, Masters, Owners, Sir/Ma'ams, Daddies/Mommies, Handlers, Caregivers, Bigs, Keyholders. However you identify as a top, this is a place for you to come and discuss issues, talk openly, get support, sharpen skills and make connections.

Come be apart of creating a diverse group focused on community! We will cover subjects from beginner to advanced. There are no stupid questions or topics.

Beyond a discussion group, we also provide a space to learn and share hard skills. Learn how to make better use of the toys in your bag or learn a new skill to help create more dynamic play for deeper connection and intimacy. Improve upon your techniques and discuss issues in a non-judgemental peer group of other like minded people. We will share tips and advice from basic level to more advanced techniques with time for hands-on practice.

Group Co-leaders LD_Chris and The_ Facilitator together share over two decades of experience in M/s, D/s, O/p, Big/little, Handler/pet, and DD/lg style dynamics.

LD_Chris identifies as a feminist Dominant and genderfluid butch and uses the pronouns she/her. Ma'am to her treasured girl and pet for 19 years, she also served as the only female Dominant leader of the
DD/SF for 2 years.

The_Facilitator is a Daddy, Dominant, Owner, Master and Sir who has a true love for exploring the many facets of kink, play and power exchange. As a presenter on various topics at the SF Citadel and locally, He is passionate about discussion, learning and sharing when it comes to BDSM dynamics, honing skills and growth.