Saturday, March 10 2018
8:00pm - 1:00am

SF Citadel Presents: SHHH! Hosted by MsGem and Stefanos

Speak easy but bring your kinks. Speak the code word and get access to a high energy event featuring:

* Oral Pleasures by MsGem
* Erotic Performance
* Crafted Aural Entertainment
* BathTub Mocktails
* The largest Folic Pad in the Bay Area

Coming single or looking to meet new easy going patrons keep on the look out for:
* Meet up "Dance Cards"

Entry Terms:
VOLUNTEER AT: or email:


DRESS CODE: Sexy and Speak Easy Fun!

Brought to you by the Hosts and Creators of such events as:

*Master's Den
*The F*ck Munch
*Twisted Windows
*Dark Party
*Impossible Dreams and more.

*More Details coming*