Wednesday, September 26 2018
9:30pm - 2:30am


Bondage A Go Go is a fetish themed dance party that has been held in the City since 1993 - making it the longest running weekly dance event in San Francisco. Though not for everyone, this influential event is a dark slice of heaven for artists, musicians, fetishists, burners and open minded nightclub goers of all types. All are welcome with the understanding that having an open mind and positive attitude goes a long way here.

Welcome to Bondage A Go Go!

What to expect:
The club is held every Wednesday night at the Cat Club (1190 Folsom Street) in the South of Market area of downtown San Francisco. There is ample street parking within walking distance to the club. The club has a strict 21 and over policy. State or Federally issued picture ID is mandatory to enter - regardless of your age. Minimum attire is all black or formal, but we encourage our guests to avoid street clothes or any form of sports attire. Doors open promptly at 9:30 PM and we are open until 2:30 AM.

There are 2 bars, 1 main dance floor and a play-space. The play-space is monitored by Maestro Stefanos and all fetish play is held in accordance with State & Local laws and regulations. There is no nudity or sexual activity allowed at BaGG, primarily because alcohol is served. We also wish for BaGG to be a welcoming and safe starting point to explore fetish play since there are many opportunities in the Bay Area for those who desire a more intimate experience.


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