Sunday, January 17 2021
1:00pm - 3:00pm

Auntie Midori’s Practical Advice: for new bottoms & submissives

Bring your questions and curiosity to this entertaining and informative Zoom class with Midori!

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Are you beginning to explore bottoming or submission? Do you find all the information out there a bit intimidating, confusing or impractical? Bring all of your questions and concerns to this informative class and let Auntie Midori tackle them for you, no BS, all practical answers and advice.

Some of the topics Midori will touch on are the following:

- Questions to ask yourself before playing
- Questions to ask your partner before playing
- Personal safety in body, mind, and spirit
- Figuring out what you want
- How to ask for what you want
- Smart and excellent bottoming skills
- The difference between bottoming and submitting
- Stupid things people say about bottoming
- How to help those topping and dominating you to succeed in a scene
- And, all your excellent questions

Auntie Midori’s here to help! She’ll share with you practical tips, and how to avoid common mistakes. She’s prone to confess tales of her spectacular goofy bloopers too.

Whether you like to Top, bottom or switch it up, whether you’re new or experienced, and whoever you like to play with, everyone is welcome! Bring your note taking material and curiosity.

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