Sunday, January 28 2018
6:00pm - 7:30pm

Our Last Days in The SF Armory - Tour


Has touring The SF Armory been on your bucket list? Now is your last chance to visit our kinky castle!

These public tour dates and times are extremely limited and will sell out.

Completed in 1914, the 190,300-square-foot San Francisco Armory has a storied history, hosting the National Guard until the early 1970s, remaining vacant for three decades before being bought by Peter Acworth and restored to its former glory, complete with 160 rooms variously dressed in exposed brick, milled oak, walnut panelling, and industrial concrete. Earning a feature on ABC 7, Acworth's team helms 90-minute tours through the armory's five expansive floors as they share a blend of historical and risqué trivia. Guests can amble through the preserved shooting range before following the subterranean burbles of Mission Creek through the basement and a menagerie of ornate and functional fetish film sets that was detailed by the San Francisco Examiner.

-You must be 18+ with valid photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS.
-ARRIVE ON TIME. Any guests arriving late may not be permitted to enter.
-As The SF Armory is a historic landmark building and cannot be altered, there is no elevator or ramps.
For further information or questions please contact

We look forward to having you at The SF Armory, home to!