Saturday, January 1 2022
8:00pm - 12:00am

Bedlam Cabaret and Play Party with Ethology Collective!

Entry Requirements:
- Vaxx Only - be prepared to show your card.
- Negative Covid Test - 72 hour PCR test or rapid test (bring your own test kit or test at home and bring a pic).
- Masks Required - unless eating, drinking or otherwise using your mouth for play.

Welcome to the curious macabre that is Bedlam Cabaret! Hosted by Ethology Collective LLC and emcee-d by the devilishly clever linguistician, Ash the dragon. Join us for singers, dancers, drag artists, jugglers, etc, all from queer, poc, special needs and disabled backgrounds.

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There will be DM's at this event. Please remember that explicit consent is required before engaging in any play scenarios. Failure to comply will result in ejection from event.

House Rules & Play Party Etiquette here:

Come for the show and stay for the play party at Black Thorn and Sacred Muse! Let's get the New Year started right! Come be a part of the exposition! Everyone is accepted and loved here!

Meet the Performers:

Babylon D. Bauchery is a gender bending, pastel goth trash Queen and emo King and the child of Jamie D. Bauchery. Babylon enjoys chain smoking, drinking, and spending other people's money (and looking cute doing it). In Queen drag his pronouns are she/her, in King drag he/him and in his daily life he/they.

Venmo: @Tybalt-Babylon
Cashapp: $TybaltLovelace

Nephthys-Iman, a black drag artist, specializing in slower performance numbers, particularly R&B and ballads, who likes to tell stories through drag and as a result rarely does top 40 songs. When it comes to overall aesthetic/outfit, they are very much Afrocentric meets fashion with a dash of political and social commentary. In addition, they are also LatinX and do their best to incorporate LatinX music; particularly by other Afro-Latinos as much as possible when performing.

Venmo: Nephthys-Iman

King Bazil B. Dazil uses his performance as a conduit to channel divine masculinity and sacred sexuality, opening portals to sensual dimensions.

Venmo: @bloodjarbasil

La Chucha is a Queer, Nonbinary Chicanx drag performer, artist and social media whiz. They were born and raised in the South Bay and are currently based out of Oakland, California. Chucha’s work is inspired by current and historical struggles for social justice and liberation, especially within the context of gender and sexuality, immigration, feminism, current events, and solidarity work. In drag, La Chucha is inspired by camp, spook, and Mexican culture.

Venmo: @ChuchaMarquez
CashApp: $chucharte

Ash, a “classic” member of the San Francisco Old Guard community, sometimes carnie and generally overly dramatic reptile, will be our regular MC and storyteller.

CashApp: $dragonpaw

Blubird, quite the quiet, cute, queer cat, contemplates companionable caterwauling and carrying on. Recently returned, rearing to rumble, regaling us with random riotous renditions. (I.e. They are going to sing at you. Clap at the end.)

CashApp: $blubird614

Jamie D Bauchery, the Non-Binary, Satanic, Bimbo, E-Girl of your Nightmares! New to the Bay Area, they love to combine Kink, Horror, and Camp in their crazy drag artistry.

Venmo: @JamieDBauchery

Elisa is a derpy human who has a long history of dance, music and performance. After an injury, it all ended and now this human is back to make it happen again!

Venmo: @W000F

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