Thursday, February 8 2018
7:00pm - 9:30pm

Body Handling with Fred Rx and Kaija

Thereís so much more to an incredible rope scene than intricate patterns or difficult suspensions.

Fred Rx is a connoisseur of nasty, primal, rope experiences and has spent years finessing his capacity to manipulate a body through non-verbal communication and physical manipulation.

Get ready to investigate the mechanics of the human body with intent to dominate through pressure points, structural weak spots, and ways to lock a body with itself. We will explore the idea of mental manipulation before, during, and after we have laid our rope.

Tickets are pre-sale only!

Hopefully with this class, you can begin to control your partnerís body with your body and let your rope be an extension of that dynamic.

There will be conversation and opportunity to explore your own physical embodiment of confidence through posture, rope fluidity, new kinds of communication, and other subtle cues in play.

This class will be best digested with an open mind and a curious imagination.

All levels welcome.

Bring two ropes.

Sign up solo or as a duo, but this class is hands-on.

About the presenters

Fred Rx:

My relationship with rope has taken many forms and has been ever present in my life: from scouts, to rigging, to rock climbing and now rope bondage. I began tying a few years ago, with American and Eastern influences, to enhance my BDSM scenes. My passion for rope itself exceeded my knowledge and I began to travel for the sole sake of learning more. The last few years of my life have been spent as a traveling rope-gypsy, learning as many different styles and techniques as possible from inspiring teachers and riggers all over the globe. I'm not easily categorized, stereotyped, or labeled... nor is my rope. Instead of following only one methodology of rope bondage in my tying and in my teaching, I wish to amalgamate the unique wisdom of each of my teachers, the distinctive styles of different cultures, and my personal reverence for the magic in improvised rope. I focus on fusing traditional Japanese rope bondage with my own chaotic primal nature and a curiosity of the twisted and unexplored. I have taught intensives and conventions both in the US and internationally. I love my students and the game that is learning how they learn. I wish to inspire discipline and wonder in their personal tying practices and encourage everyone to dissect, inspect, and expand on anything I say. I think rope is an incredible tool and I look forward to forever be learning more about it.


Kaija began her journey with physical and mental edge-pushing as a child gymnast. She has always been enticed by the tactile/spiritual experience of pain and is deeply fed by experiences that test her will power or bring her to her physical limits.

As a closeted pervert, tree climbing/yoga/aerial dance/partner acrobatics/pole dance were her trusted outlets for edge-walking until March 2017 when Kaija met Fred Rx and was introduced to the world of kink. She has found a home like none other in the rope community, and is proudly owning her perversion. She eagerly daydreams of bloody rope scenes, big purple bruises, and pink puffy scars.

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