Sunday, February 25 2018
11:00pm - 6:00pm

This is Why I Tie: VoxBody Studio presents a weekend with Subay (Hong Kong)

This is Why I Tie:
A Weekend of Content and Contemplation with Subay (Hong Kong)

We are so excited to welcome Subay to the Bay Area from her home in Hong Kong for a special weekend of exploring evocative shapes and technique as well as time taken to examine our motivations, our perspectives, culture and aesthetics in rope.

The weekend will be rich with content and technique but will also be paced and structured so that there is time to discuss, and examine why we tie. If you are looking to deeply explore both your technique and the motivations behind tying, this is the weekend for you!

Tickets are pre-sale only!

SAT & SUN schedule

11-2 morning block
2-3 lunch break
3-6 afternoon block


We will spend the day in partial suspensions and floor based shapes.

We will move through four different forms, and through them explore concepts/approaches such as: use of nawajiri (rope ends), sasou (teasing/tempting), shame and exposure, giving different feelings through rope handling, use of distance, timing and other small adjustments.

Discussions will center around the dynamic between top & bottom, intention behind tying, local culture & kinbaku, gender & how it affects and does not affect our tying, and the role of rope bottoms.

Subay will also provide a demo as a bottom so that she can also share her insights and knowledge from that side of the rope. The day will culminate in a debriefing period that will include a service of Chinese tea (also known as “kung fu tea”), as Subay wishes to share this personal ritual with the group.

Students should have solid knowledge of a boxtie, and experience in locking off lines for partial suspension (a 2 rope gote is sufficient for the class).


On Sunday we move into full suspensions and explore Subay’s interpretation of several forms from her teacher, Akira Naka. Techniques will include variations of gyaku-ebi, asymmetrical M shape, a double leg form, and also opportunities to study tying bamboo to the body.

Discussions will continue throughout the day around how we stay connected to our partners in complicated suspensions, aesthetics, and gender and how it affects our rope style.

Students should have solid knowledge of a boxtie, and experience in locking off lines and full suspension.

Subay will be joined by her model/bottom Kuroe 黒江 (Japan) and assisted by Takuma (U.S.).

About the presenter:

Subay (緒本子) is a kinbakushi and kinbaku model based in Hong Kong. She teaches and performs internationally - HK, Singapore, Philippines, Shanghai, Europe, and USA. She founded and owns Kokoro Studio, the first and only kinbaku studio in HK. She also founded and runs the Hong Kong Shibari Festival, a yearly festival gathering rope lovers throughout Asia.

Her first encounter of kinbaku was in Tokyo where she met and gained inspirations from Yukimura-sensei. Her journey later included Kanna-san, Kasumi-san and Ren-san, amongst others, as teachers. Today, her kinbaku is most influenced by Naka-sensei, whom she continues to study with.

To Subay, kinbaku is about exploring fantasies, creating a story with emotions, connecting the hearts and extending compassion. She gives a feminine and inclusive approach to eroticism and semenawa - her kinbaku is soft but intense, and allows space and freedom for the rope bottom to explore their inner selves.

Most of Subay's teaching is one to one in private sessions, so this workshop provides a rare opportunity to learn from her in an intensive workshop setting. Her teaching is full of content for both tops and bottoms - explaining not just the technical, but also the reason - the heart - of why we tie what we tie.

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