Wednesday, April 11 2018
7:30pm - 10:00pm

PRAXIS: An Intermediate Rope Lab Hosted by MzFur

MzFur will demo a Ebi tie and cinching options using a TK or a hands free chest harness. With additional leg support we will move up into a side suspension. Opening the Ebi in air allows the to bottom to unfurl from a concave to a convex shape. This is a beautiful transition and feels wonderfully expansive to the bottom.

*Optional: Add a swivel to your toy bag for this lab.

What is Praxis?
A Rope Laboratory geared towards intermediate students who want to: continue honing their ropecraft, study variations of standard ties, build rope bottoming awareness and techniques, and experiment in a focused, collaborative container.
Fine tune your skills in: rope placement, tension, hanger position, and focus in on the micro-adjustments that make the difference in a successful tie for both Top and Bottom.


Each Rope Lab includes: a brief opening circle, a demo (~30min), open practice time (~60min.), and a closing discussion to share your experience or findings.

Praxis a collaborative learning environment, welcoming Bottoms’ equal participation, guest demos, and opportunity for you to step forward and share your favorite ties.

Expectations of students:
-Provide your own rope, safety shears, and rated hardware.
-Knowledge of rope safety and basic rope-related nerve anatomy.
-Understand the function and rope placement of most standard ties.
-Work within your skill level and ask for help when needed.
*Note: This is not an appropriate setting to learn rope suspension or tie your first TK.

Praxis is open to students of floor work and/or suspension.
A hard point will be available to each duo. Singles and self-spenders may be asked to share time on a point.

We gather every 2nd Wednesday from 7:30-10pm!
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