Monday, April 2 2018
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Uncensored Yoga with Lucid Dawn

Uncensored Yoga with Lucid Dawn
VoxBody is THRILLLLLLLED to launch this bi-monthly yoga class with Lucid Dawn!

A yoga class for all bodies & all levels of experience.

This class gives us a sex and kink positive container in which to explore poses and practices for opening the body//mind to higher levels of ecstatic embodied experience. The practice will benefit your whole self, your play w/ rope, w/ one another, & sensual//sexual//life force energy in general.

Join us twice a month, on first and third Mondays and start your week off right!

About the instructor:
Lucid Dawn ERYT,750+ is an experienced Tantrik yoga teacher & performance artist/activist who you might know as Nona Fender.
Nona Fender has lead classes at Dark Odyssey, Mission Control & East Bay Community Space as well as many clubs and festivals.
Lucid has been practicing yoga for 23 years & teaching yoga for 15. She is steeped in non dual tantrik philosophy, yoga therapeutics, many healing modalities, as well as practices to cultivate creativity and self expression.
She has healed lifetimes of trauma with the practices she now shares to assist others in their own unfolding. She brings love for all beings, her desire to live fully and investigate all aspects of being into her teaching.

Her classes have been described as "the sweetest ass kicking ever".

Lucid welcomes all levels of experience and ability into her classes and excels at offering variations for different needs.
Her classes are sex and kink positive, intuitive and flowing to meet the needs of the day and the individuals present.

Be prepared to move freely, breathe deeply, make some sweet sounds. and likely, laugh.

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