Sunday, April 8 2018
3:00pm - 7:00pm

VoxBody Studio Rope Jam and "Let's Talk About" Hour with MisterBacon (LA!)

VoxBody Studio Rope Jam // "Let's Talk About" Hour with MisterBacon
4-7pm: Rope Jam

What better way to wrap up your weekend than with our monthly rope jams?

*Multiple points available for those experienced in suspension.
*Space for floor ties will be available as well.
*Teas and chill tunes to set the tone.

All levels welcome and encouraged to participate.
Tickets are pre-sale only!
$10 Jam only
$15 Jam + Discussion

Rope Jams are a wonderful way to:
-meet people in the rope community
-get inspired by the kinds of rope people are practicing at all levels and a diversity of style and approach
-practice the technique you have been learning in class
-be a part of a sex and body positive, welcoming atmosphere, and dive in when you are ready!

3-4pm: "Let's Talk About"

Rope Adaptation: Getting The Scene You Want

We are excited to welcome MisterBacon (LA) to VoxBody for this discussion hour!
Rope shouldn’t be the same thing every time you tie. It should change to adapt to the person tying and the person being tied.

-Are they new to rope?
-Is this the first time you’re tying them?
-Want to change up your usual routine?

Adaptation is an important skill for rope tops and bottoms to develop. It allows you to explore your own abilities and develop a more personal style. We will discuss how to negotiate and tie to adapt to your unique situation. At various points in the class, there will be time for hands on practice.

Requirements: All tops should know how to tie a single column tie.

What to bring:

-A partner! Unpartnered students can pair off on their own, but I can’t guarantee that everybody will get a partner. If you just want to watch and take notes, that’s okay, too.
-1-2 lengths of 7 to 8m rope.

Come early for the discussion, stay for the JAM! Please arrive promptly by 3pm. Doors will be closed from 3-4pm to allow for focused discussion time.

Please note: the studio address will not be in the ticket confirmation email. You will receive an email with address and details on the week of your event. If you have any questions before that, feel free to email :)

About the presenter:
MisterBacon is a switch from Los Angeles. He began his rope education in 2013. He is an active member of the Devil Mask Society rope family. He currently teaches a monthly introductory rope bondage class in Culver City, CA, and has been privileged to be able to teach in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego, CA. Additionally, he has performed in Los Angeles and at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.
Known primarily for being a jerk with rope and for his elaborate negotiation style, MisterBacon strives to create scenes and classes that will allow others to feel his enjoyment of rope. Using his experience as a rope top and bottom, he aims to help people empathize with their partner as a way to improve their rope experience. Scenes are only as good as the interplay between all involved parties, so MisterBacon wants his partners and students to see the importance of getting to know the person they’re tying with beyond just their list of do’s and don’ts. He has been described as a “gleeful sadist.”

Check out this Saturday afternoon class with MisterBacon at VoxBody as well: How to Tie Like A Jerk

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