Wednesday, May 30 2018
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Daddy Ray Ray's Board game nights [San Jose]

Daddy Ray Ray's Board game nights


Do you like a board games? Are you kinky? Would you like playing board games with like minded age players? Would you like to do that in a very little friendly venue? Then perhaps Daddy Ray Ray's board game nights is for you. At the last Wednesday of each month a monthly board game night will be held at the Chuck E. Cheese located Tully Road San Jose California in the large upstairs area, Look for little friendly table clothes and lots of carry-on's full of games and goodies.

Feel free to dress in mild garb as you will blend in easily with the others. Anywhere from one to three more games will be selected bearing in type from beginners to intermediate. Many games will be in travel size format which means anywhere from one to four players but there will be a wide variety. If you would like to play something special please send me a message and I'm sure we can probably work something out. As I have many many many games.

Location info
Chuck E. Cheese's
2445 Fontaine Rd,
San Jose, CA 95121

Upstairs in the back Look for little's related tablecloths and a handsome fellow that looks like a Viking, don't worry he's nice, and probably has candy I'm sure you can have some if you ask nicely.


Rules are simple, be kind and respectful to others as my main goal is to have a judgement free environment for all. Keep hands and feet to yourselves unless told otherwise. And of course have fun!!!

If you wish to bring a snack to share with others feel free to but you are not obligated to buy a candy, chips, etc. Please snacks only no other food items.

There is no cost for the event but it is suggested to purchase at least a drink from Chuck E. they have many to choose from most are bottomless as in soda both regular and diet along with iced tea options so it's great value. Obviously they have pizza that's actually fairly good. (really it is they have upped their game) They have an amazing salad bar that includes probably over 35 or more choices also bottomless. All discount Coupons can be easily found on the Chuck E. Cheese website typically $2 off salad bars.

I also normally provide snacks and candy to share.

Oh and did I mention prizes!? That's right you can win well, STUFF! What kind of stuff? Free stuff! In relation to little friendly things they enjoy, I won't go into detail but yes you can win real stuff at this event!

So what are you wanting for come out and have some fun!!!
Restricted to: The general age player community and or age player community tolerant people