Wednesday, September 9 2020
11:00am - 1:30pm

Onward: Beyond Your First Suspension

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VoxBody presents a new 4-class series for 2020 for those who have just completed the Introduction to Suspension / First Flight series and are ready for more!
Now that you have a solid box tie, have learned about upline lock-offs and management, and successfully experienced your first suspensions, let's expand your toolkit!
We will explore the world of possibility in partial suspensions, dive into the stemless boxtie, begin work on transitions, and make time to connect with our partners, even with all the highly technical rope happening.
SEPT 9: Partials with Futomomo

OCT 14: The Stemless Gote

NOV 11: Partials and Hip Ties

DEC 9: Exploring Transitions in Suspension
(content planned for each month may change as we get to know the students and their pace and interests better; any topic other than what is posted here will be announced at least a month ahead of time)
Students should have experience in suspension before attending these classes, both bottoms and riggers. This series assumes previous knowledge of a box tie and of hangers and upline lock off and management. Bottoms should have some experience with their body in ties that are in tension/in the air and know how to differentiate nerve and circulation symptoms.
Materials required:
a full rope kit including safety tools, carabiners and ring, reinforced uplines, and a notebook!

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