Saturday, January 26 2019
5:00am - 7:30am

VoxBody Studio presents Kinky Photography with The Silence

The man with the prolific amount of rope and fetish photography is here to share some of his insights and tricks with us!

We welcome The Silence to VoxBody for this hands-on class that will focus on building the foundation of basic portrait photography and applying that knowledge to our lifestyle. The goal is to capture our scenes and the emotions conveyed as we see them through composition. We'll cover the exposure triangle (see, it's kinky already!), adjusting your camera settings to affect the mood of the image, and how lighting can affect the mood of a scene.

We will alternate between lecture and hands-on practice, moving around the space to explore the possibilities.

Although focused on rope bondage photography, the skills are transferable into all forms of kink portraiture.

This class will mostly deal with the technical side of DSLR cameras. However, some of the topics covered are applicable to those using camera phones.

Bring your cameras, your phones and more importantly, your imagination!

Tickets available for duos who want to experiment with photography during hands-on time, and solo tickets for observers only. (PLEASE NOTE: there is only enough space for those with duo tickets to practice shooting during hands-on time; if you purchase a solo ticket, this is for watching/observing/lecture only).

About The Silence
The_Silence started photographing his rope work over 5 years ago and shoots multiple times a week. He developed his style (based on traditional Kinbaku art as well as fine art and high fashion) through adapting what he's learned in classes, the internet, and a whole lot of trial & error in photoshoots, event, as well as couples' play photography. Because of his prolific work in rope and photography, hes had to push himself and gain the knowledge from multiple teachers and sources over the years to produce a diverse array of images.

He has taught photography at The SF Citadel, BeachBind, Bondage Expo Dallas and F.I.R.E.



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