Saturday, June 8 2019
6:00am - 9:30am

VoxBody Studio presents From Floor to Flying: Self-Suspension 101 with Shay

You don't need a top to fly! Self-suspension can be used for athletic dynamic movement, meditation, exploring bondage masochism, a tool for learning as a rigger, and more. After a discussion of general principles and safety considerations specific to self-suspension, participants will drill support line skills and be guided through a basic face-up self suspension, with a possible transition to an inversion and some in-air variations.

This class utilizes an “inverted classroom” format – participants are expected to have working knowledge of a self-tied chest harness and hip harness, as shown in the videos linked on the registration page, prior to coming to class. This will allow us to spend the class time polishing and enhancing your skills with tying these harnesses, and working on “in-air” skills.



Cutting tool
Suspension-worthy carabiners with locking gates like these or these – at least 4. I prefer screw lock, but many people prefer twist/ball locks.
4 x ~30’ (8m-10m) lengths 5mm-8mm suspension worthy rope (6mm recommended)
4 x ~15’ (3m-5m) 5mm-8mm suspension worthy rope (6mm recommended)
If you don't own any suspension worthy rope, I recommend the Twisted Monk kit that was designed specifically for this class! When ordering, use code "REMEDIAL" (after our safety website for $10 off orders of $75 or more. If you prefer nylon, I recommend this kit from KnotHead Nylon.
2 x ~30' (8m-10m) rope for support lines – should provide a breaking strength of at least 10x the suspended person's weight in it's final configuration. Most natural fiber rope (aside from perhaps 8mm hemp) does not meet this requirement. 30' 6mm POSH is highly recommended! Nylon/MFP is acceptable but not recommended for support lines as it is slippery and difficult to manage.
Contact Shay for more information/recommendations if needed.


This class is intended as a 101 level introduction to self-suspension. Attendees should have experience (as both a top and bottom) with tying on the ground, and be very comfortable with single column ties.
Experience with bottoming for suspension is recommended.
Since you will be suspending (and potentially inverting) yourself, you must be healthy enough for suspension/inversion, and able to maintain a clear headspace while suspended.

Class from 2-5:30pm, doors open at 1:30pm

Cost: $55, in advance only. Class size limited to 10 attendees to insure everyone has "air time" and personalized instruction. Each attendee may bring one non-tying "spotter" if they would like, but this is not required. Please contact Shay with any questions. There will be a hard point for each attendee.

About the instructor:

Shay is a vivacious femme switch with over a decade of experience educating, hosting, and performing in the BDSM community (often with her partner Stefanos). Her background as an ER nurse informs her passion for risk awareness education; as well as being an international presenter, she is a self-rigger with a love for mobile suspensions. She is the creator and writer of the bondage safety website and identifies as a purveyor of perversion, pansexual polyamorist playslut, and alliteration fetishist! She is based in San Francisco, where she is the programming director for Dark Odyssey: Surrender & the SF Citadel, as well as being the producer of Twisted Windows and host of BENT, San Francisco’s biggest ongoing dungeon event.

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VoxBody Studio is located in Oakland. Address to be emailed to students the week of the event.

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