Wednesday, January 16 2019
11:00am - 1:30pm

VoxBody Studio presents Box Tie: the First Two Ropes

An introduction to the Box Tie, aka Takate Kote, or TK, or gote shibari, or hands bound chest harness. This is a foundational tie in Japanese Rope Bondage, especially for suspension. Proper use of tension and understanding of the reasons for each part of the pattern will lead to a more structurally sound and safer suspension, as well as an understanding of the risks inherent in the tie.

This class is for students who have completed the beginner series and want to continue working towards suspension.

We will spend time on both the rigger and bottom side of a boxtie, as the implications for and participation of both are vital in creating a solid boxtie experience!

This is the first of a two part class and will focus on the first two ropes of a three rope boxtie pattern.

The Third Rope will be taught on FEB 20.

Series will continue with a Box Tie and Hip Harness Review Labtime on MAR 20.

before Introduction to Suspension on APR 6.

Students planning to take the Suspension daylong need to have proficiency in a suspension-worthy chest harness and hip harness.

We encourage the series; please email us if you are seeking alternative plans.

Students should have completed the beginner series at VoxBody or otherwise have very proficient knowledge of column ties and a strong handle on rope management, lock offs and frictions. Email us at if you aren't sure if this class is well suited for your experience level!

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VoxBody Studio is located in Oakland. Address to be emailed to students the week of the event.

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