Saturday, March 2 2019

VoxBody Studio presents a day with KissMeDeadlyDoll and Mildred S. Pierce

VoxBody welcomes this dynamic duo from NYC for a first of its kind in the studio: a daylong intermediate/advanced partners' suspension class on bamboo!

Schedule 10am-5pm with a one hour lunch break

Morning Block: Making Shapes!

*Warm up of “dance-inspired” floor movement & freestyle “wrapping” to develop the skill of observing our partners and the way they move. Emphasis will be focusing on the shift in energy and the illusion of control between 2 people to create a different headspace.
*Exploring body mechanics through a series of impromptu floor ties & partials. What ties students use is up to both rigger and bottom, but the ultimate goal will be focusing on creating new shapes that may or may not create reactions of suffering or serenity.
*Mildred will be discussing tips and trick for “modeling” through poses and using the body to explore space in a tie. They will demo a few ideas of how the rigger can manipulate their partner’s body(and bottoms can also consider guiding the movement from their side) into those lovely shapes using our knowledge of how the body moves and where to put the rope to make it move that way.

Afternoon Block: The 360/1080!

In the afternoon, focus will be on the ever-evolving suspension sequence, from upright to upside down, to sideways & back again! Students will be utilizing their observations & experiments from the morning to take into consideration moving their partners' body through the air to create seamless transitions.
*Discussion of suspension line management & lock-off choices that are built for speed & ease. Focus will be on improving rope handling skills to make transitions more smooth. Tempo will also be considered... when to move fast and when to move slow, to draw out the good and shorten the bad.
*Line placement on bamboo for directional changes in transitions, as well as adding in “crunch” when combining uplines in a tie.
*KMDD & Mildred will demo a variety of ideas for transitioning the body in all directions by changing hanger & upline placement, but participants will be encouraged to explore their own ideas as well and can use this time to work on achieving a specific transition or shape in their sequences with the presenters' advice and feedback
*Discussion of variations for different skill levels

Pre-Requisites and Equipment/Supplies:

*8-10 x 8m length ropes and some rope shorties
*Bamboo (supplied by VoxBody as the suspension point). Every duo will have their own bamboo point to tie on for the class.
*Students must know how to tie a solid TK or Chest Harness and have previous suspension experience-both rigger AND bottom. (PLEASE NOTE: this is an intermediate/advanced level class)
*Any students w/ questions about the class can email at email.

A Note from VoxBody Studio:

Students should have proficiency in tying, and being tied in, a standard 3 rope TK/gote, and confident in their suspension practices.
KMDD and MILDRED reserve the right to ask any students to not suspend if there are any safety concerns. Sometimes during intensive classes presenters need to make quick and clear decisions in order to maintain the flow of the day and the safety of all students at the forefront, and VoxBody supports their decisions as presenters in order to do so.
VoxBody Studio asks that students attend intensive classes with partners they have worked with before. If you pair up newly to attend the class, be sure to plan time to work together beforehand, so that you are both familiar with each other and your relationship with rope. A class at this level is NOT the place for a bottom to experience their first suspension nor TK. (nor a rigger!) We request this with the ultimate concern for your safety.
About KissMeDeadlyDoll & Mildred S. Pierce:

Kissmedeadlydoll is a NYC based rope lover and avid self-suspender. After discovering her love of rope as a demo model, she quickly began recreating and practicing ties on her own.. thus starting her foray into obsessive amounts of auto-bondage and suspension.
Primarily self taught through trial and error, five years later she is sharing her love of self-suspending as a creator via her photography (aka the "selftieselfie"), showcasing her skills at various public events, and teaching others how to safely enjoy rope bondage. She has been teaching workshops & performing around the world at Anatomie Studio, Place des Cordes/Lecole des Cordes, Barcelona, Kokoro Studio,
Eurix, B.E.D., Rome Bondage Week, Lust NYC, Rope In Motion, and of course... VoxBody Studio!

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MILDRED S. Pierce is a rope bottom performer, photographer, and bondage enthusiast. She has participated in live shows as a rope performance artist throughout New York City with her creative counterpart Kissmedeadlydoll. They have also worked closely together in collaborative photo series. MILDRED’s love and dedication for rope, plastic mummification, and the community has immensely evolved over the course of the last four years.

MILDRED is an advocate for this community through the accessible format of art. Her photographic process aims to create art that lifts the veil away, and offers visibility around the S/M and Kink community. Further, her images challenge members outside of this community to reassess their beliefs around sexuality. Specifically, MILDRED’s art is focused on reclaiming and redefining our perceptions of pain. MILDRED has been featured in Out Magazine for an art show that took place October 2017 raising awareness for trans suicide and queer positivity. She is in the process of curating an art show exhibiting the kink landscape that will be held in May 2019.

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VoxBody Studio is located in Oakland. Address to be emailed to students the week of the event.

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