Friday, March 1 2019
11:00am - 2:00pm

VoxBody Studio presents In Loving Memory: a performance event with KissMeDeadlyDoll, Mildred S. Pierce and Rose Nylons

VoxBody Studio is thrilled to kick off its performance events for 2019 with..... a memorial service of the most Deadly kind. DeadlyDoll that is.

KissMeDeadlyDoll (NYC) is back in town and here to perform a rope performance in loving memory of (and with) her beloved bottom Mildred S. Pierce.

To help settle us in to such a solemn occasion, Rose Nylons will be serenading us with her drag//ritual//mystic//cello melodies.

Mourning attire requested (plan to leave your shoes at the door).


Light refreshments will be provided.

Doors at 7:00pm.

Music at 7:30pm.

Rope at 8:15pm.

Doors will be closed during performances. No late entry allowed.

About the performers:

Kissmedeadlydoll is a NYC based rope lover and avid self-suspender. After discovering her love of rope as a demo model, she quickly began recreating and practicing ties on her own.. thus starting her foray into obsessive amounts of auto-bondage and suspension.
Primarily self taught through trial and error, five years later she is sharing her love of self-suspending as a creator via her photography (aka the "selftieselfie"), showcasing her skills at various public events, and teaching others how to safely enjoy rope bondage. She has been teaching workshops & performing around the world at Anatomie Studio, Place des Cordes/Lecole des Cordes, Barcelona, Kokoro Studio,
Eurix, B.E.D., Rome Bondage Week, Lust NYC, Rope In Motion, and of course... VoxBody Studio!

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MILDRED S. Pierce is a rope bottom performer, photographer, and bondage enthusiast. She has participated in live shows as a rope performance artist throughout New York City with her creative counterpart Kissmedeadlydoll. They have also worked closely together in collaborative photo series. MILDRED’s love and dedication for rope, plastic mummification, and the community has immensely evolved over the course of the last four years.

MILDRED is an advocate for this community through the accessible format of art. Her photographic process aims to create art that lifts the veil away, and offers visibility around the S/M and Kink community. Further, her images challenge members outside of this community to reassess their beliefs around sexuality. Specifically, MILDRED’s art is focused on reclaiming and redefining our perceptions of pain. MILDRED has been featured in Out Magazine for an art show that took place October 2017 raising awareness for trans suicide and queer positivity. She is in the process of curating an art show exhibiting the kink landscape that will be held in May 2019.

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Rose Nylons

Hailing from the great state of Minnesota but now based in the Bay Area, Rose Nylons is a Jacky Of All Trades and Master of Puns. Inspired by vintage fashion, 90’s nostalgia, and radical faerie ritual, this post-gender, Midwestern dairy queen has been dabbling in visual and performance art since her first bloom. Delicate at first blush, but thorny as hell, she’ll reel you in with her sweet smile, pull at your heart strings with her mystic melodies, and captivate your dreams with her alluring aesthetic. Whether you’ve known her for years or just planted her in the garden, Rose is sure to become your perennial favorite.

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VoxBody Studio is located in Oakland. Address to be emailed to students the week of the event.

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