Saturday, March 23 2019
4:00am - 8:00am

VoxBody Studio presents Improvising Chest-Loading Ties for Suspension with Topologist

Topologist spent about 5 years researching and experimenting with different approaches to come up with a technique for tying the upper body that was interchangeable with a 3-rope TK in terms of versatility in suspension, but with reduced pressure on the arms (with the aim to reduce risk to the radial nerve). The result of that work is the CTKv4, which is extensively documented.
This class will not retread that ground, but rather explore how you can apply some of the individual techniques used in the CTK to produce a similar chest-loading effect for other arms positions and situations.

While following a well-tested pattern has its advantages, bondage can be most enjoyable when the rigger can take inspiration from their partner to create a tie unique to that encounter. In order to so improvise, you must have a detailed and intuitive understanding of your instrument. Through application of elements from the CTK to other familiar positions such as armbinders and teppou, this class will guide you in beginning to develop a flexible facility with some of these less traditional techniques.


This is an advanced class. All participants should have extensive previous experience with rope suspension, and should not be working with one another for the first time. Both tops and bottoms should have previous experience using the CTKv4, ideally together (unless contraindicated for the bottom). If you are new to tying the CTK, you should plan to invest several hours over multiple tying sessions to get comfortable with it before class.

Bottoms should be prepared for numerous short suspensions and spending a significant amount of time with their arms behind their back in various positions. However, if you have shoulder limitations, please don’t let that stop you from attending; part of the point of this class is to facilitate personalizing ties for a specific body. That said, those with an active or recent radial nerve injury should not participate.

Tops (and bottoms interested in the theoretical aspects) should review the full written article about the CTKv4 prior to class; some parts may not make sense right away, but prior exposure to the concepts will increase the chance of new understanding clicking for you in class.

Finally, please come ready to experiment, fail, and try again. There is no one right path.

Class will start on time at noon. Please arrive a few minutes early, but no earlier than 11:30am. There will not be a lunch break; have a good brunch beforehand (but not right before; we will be suspending!). We’ll have one 20 minute break about halfway through; you may wish to bring a small snack.

You may switch with your partner, but exercises will not be repeated, so you’ll have to decide who gets to do what if you want to switch off.

About the Instructor
Topologist is one of the most widely-recognized North American authorities on rope bondage. He has invented numerous new techniques, including the Somerville Bowline, which since its introduction in 2009 has become perhaps the most widely taught tie of non-Japanese origin. He is the facilitator of Rope Bite SF and the founder of Crash Restraint and the Core Rope Curriculum. Topologist's non-dogmatic approach to teaching rope places risk awareness and adaptability center stage, allowing challenging ties to be performed while honoring a bottom's limitations and avoiding unnecessary hazards.

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