Thursday, March 28 2019
11:00am - 1:30pm

VoxBody Studio presents Form & Focus: Position Training for Bondage & Service presented by MzFur

Always a crowd pleaser, we are happy to have this class offering again at VoxBody!

One word spoken. The satisfaction of a stunning form, fingers placed just so, head raised in pride or bowed in servitude. Eyes on the element of desire, muscles taught. Time slowing to a cascading eternity of endorphins. A breath caught in anticipation, a touch, and the familiar meeting of rope and flesh.

Do you delight in the power to speak a word and shift a partner’s form to your liking? Perhaps you yearn to be molded?

In this class, we will train in positions used for service, rope bondage, and a few specific to the joys of examination. Whether you want clearer communication with rope partners or desire poised service from either side of the slash, this class has something for everyone.


Please arrive warmed-up and hydrated. *Stretch in the days before, not right before this class.

The strength and flexibility required to hold these positions will grow with training.

Poses should be strenuous, but not stressful.

Know your limits. We will all be practicing our ability to speak up and end a pose.

Tops will observe the bottoms form, suggest adjustments (hands-off), and watch for trembling or signs of muscle strain.

Bottoms will be attentive to their body signal, changes in strength & flexibility, and alert the Top to any “bad” pain.

Regardless of fitness and body type, not every pose will work for every body. Adjustments will be given for those with limited mobility or range of motion.

About the Presenter

MzFur is a bondage enthusiast, delighting in the intersection of ritual, kink, and healing. Since 2010, they’ve lead collaborative kink experiences to transform trauma and conditioning around sex & gender. With a passion for Shibari, they began teaching locally (SF)in 2015, and created Woven Unconference. In 2017, MzFur launched Bound Intent, delving deeper into bondage, discipline, body mechanics, and predicaments. They host PRAXIS: Intermediate Rope Lab, and offer an annual series of classes at VoxBody Studio in Oakland.

MzFur strives to create collaborative learning environments where kink is accessible to all genders, orientations, body types, and abilities.

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VoxBody Studio is located in Oakland. Address to be emailed to students the week of the event.

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