Monday, March 18 2019
11:00am - 1:00pm

Navigating Consent: Coercion and Boundary Violations
A Foundations Class

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Cost: Suggested donation of $10-$15

Dress code: Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Street wear before entering

Doors open 6:30-7 sharp, class starts promptly at 7:00

Class Description:
Dossie Easton and her team of dedicated and compassionate educators offer a series of classes on Navigating Consent at Impact Hub San Francisco. These twelve interactive classes teach sex-positive and BDSM communities what we know about sexual sanity, consent, collaboration, cooperation, and how to make safe spaces and protect yourselves and each other. Six of these classes are on "Claiming Your Consent: Empowering Survivors", the other six are on "Honoring Others' Consent: Avoiding Transgression". The goal is to move forward from wherever we may be today into a safer, saner, sexier, and more consensual future.

Ms. WillowKat is presenting, especially for Foundations students, an abbreviated version of the first class in the series...Coercion and Boundary Violations. Students are invited to join our current series in progress at Impact Hub San Francisco. For those who wish to join the Survivors class series, the 2nd class in the series will take place on March 19. For those who wish to attend the series focusing on Transgressions, the 2nd class in that series will take place on March 26. Each series meets every other Tuesday for a total of 6 classes.

Presenter Bio:
Ms. WillowKat is Pacific Coast and International Power Exchange 2015 as part of a triad. She brings her creative passion for healing to her endeavors as a Pro Dom, shamanic priestess, Master, kinky caregiver and midwife to the dying. She has taught in the US and Canada with several members of her family, on topics including communication, healthy power exchange, poly, Radical Rehab and the sensual and healing power of the whip. Her passions include painting, teaching, ritual, D/s, sex magic, BDSM edge play and tree-hugging. She heads a complex and growing leather family, and holds membership in several other leather families. Ms. WillowKat is known for her dynamic teaching style and her passionate commitment to life. She has been working with Dossie Easton since 2017 as a key member of the team on the Navigating Consent Classes and Project. She is excited to keep pursuing many avenues of growing a Culture of Consent.

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