Saturday, June 22 2019
4:00am - 6:00am

Body Faming with Jet Noir: How to Connect with Enthusiastic Responses

VoxBody Studio is very proud to welcome local event organizer, performer, coach and 'angel' Jet Noir for this unique and wonderful workshop aimed at helping people to improve their perception of their bodies.


Connect (or reconnect) with your gut instinct and challenge yourself to recognize an enthusiastic response on a physiological level. Using exercises that flex the muscles of all five senses, we will explore what an enthusiastic yes (or no) looks, sounds, feels, and smells like in order to experience a whole body response.

Be prepared with something to write with and to write on. A journal would be ideal so that these writings can be saved for later. Bring a blindfold. Please, no deodorants or perfumes of any kind, not even strongly scented soaps/body wash.

** STUDIO NOTE for this class! We need full length mirrors! There are exercises in this class that will translate on a much deeper level if each attendee has their own full length mirror. Do you have an easy one to bring with you on the day of class, or even two? PLEASE EMAIL VOXBODY@GMAIL.COM to let us know what you have so we can fill in on needs. Thank you!

About Jet Noir:

Jet Noir has been a part of sex positive communities since 2002 in Atlanta where he frequented a few underground establishments. Educated in the study of human movement and psychology, Jet has spent over a dozen years as a coach helping people to improve their perception of their bodies. Jet has taught workshops on what he calls Body Faming (improving our relationships with our five senses in order to better listen to and celebrate our bodies) all around the Bay Area and will begin touring the workshop in the coming year. Not only a host and organizer of play parties for people of color, he also frequently volunteers as an emotional support “angel” at parties around the Bay Area.

Find more about Jet here:

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