Tuesday, February 19 2019
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Grizzly's "Not Necessarily Single" Singles Wet Munch at Armory Club [SF]

Kinky Singles Mixer:
Grizzly's “Not Necessarily Single” monthly SF singles night at The Armory Club
"Not Necessarily Single" Singles Wet Munch in SF

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Recurs on every 3rd Tuesday of each month. And yes, everyone is welcome, of every type. (Event is 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., although some will stay later.)

This is a monthly recurring singles wet munch gathering of kinksters for anyone self-identifying as available, and is intended as a zero pressure social time to meet and greet others with similar background, for idle conversation, relaxation over beverages, chatting about mutual interests, and perhaps more. Come visit us every third Tuesday of the month, in the rear room of exquisite lovely dark upscale Armory Club tavern, directly across the street from Kink.com's Armory in San Francisco's northern Mission district at SOMA, 7 - 9 p.m.

Not sure if you fit definitions of single? Chances you do. While courtesy should have you apprise others of all your entanglements, your desire to attend and meet others in a pressure-free environment makes you eligible, as long as you're of legal drinking age. Conversation, strange puns, idle chattery all are splendid ideas for a decent munch time. Bringing beverage monies is a good idea, since the Armory Club is known for its designer drinks.

We'll be in the rear room of the bar. Look for Grizzly in fedora, possibly leather flight jacket, and perhaps with mobile neon lights nearby, or co-host Lee, scrambling to cover for Grizzly's social gaffes. Any clothing choices work if you like particularly flamboyant outfits, since we'll be sharing space with those comfortable with our proclivities.

(Event is free, but please do buy drinks, so we can keep meeting at this delightful venue.)
(Some clothing is a good choice, according to S.F. tavern laws. And pearls don't go with plaid...)

Grizzly may be contacted at alpha@wickedwhip.com, or through his FetLife page at fetlife.com/users/50134. In times to come, you can find other 'Not Necessarily Single' events, including other ongoing monthly SF munches, at the munches Website, www.laughingbear.org/events.html (soon to be updated), or the FetLife group for these events, fetlife.com/groups/10815, or the twice-monthly free whips group fetlife.com/groups/1825.

The Armory Club is across the street from the enormous castle-like structure of Kink.com's Armory, and only a few blocks from the SOMA section of San Francisco (1799 Mission at 14th Street).

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