Saturday, April 24 2021
8:00pm - 12:00am

SOJ Presents: The (virtual) Kinky Prom!

8:00 PM Until Midnight

This is a virtual party that will held on our discord server! Admission is Free!

Remember the fun (and sexual tension) of Prom? Re-live a special night but with a kinky twist. Sex and kink is encouraged at the Kink Prom! If your prom experience sucked in high school, make it something amazing this time around. If you didnít get to go, nows your chance! Come with a date or go stag and see who you meet. And everyone of all roles, experience levels, gender and sexual orientations are encouraged to join in a night of debaucherous fun.

Dig out your tux or prom dress (or find them at the thrift store), maybe rip or cut it off as the night goes on. But there is no dress code at this party. You can come dress to the nines in your best evening wear, or come in your best leathers or fetish attire. Wear nothing at all if you want. Wear what makes you comfortable. The great thing about prom this time around is you can do and wear what you want.

As always, our parties emphasize socializing and meeting new people in addition to the hot, awesome play. It's all about the community coming together and having a great time, so everyone of all roles, experience level, orientations, and gender identity are always welcomed at this event. So hop onto a video chat channel to socialize. Play with a partner or watch scenes in a video play room. Get your groove on in the virtual dance floor. Post in one of the text channels to share erotica or memes, introduce yourself, link to some of your favorite music to get kinky to, or let us know what you are looking forward to when in-real-life events finally come back.

You can join our discord server by following this link:

Make sure you have downloaded discord onto your computer or mobile device, and make an account. When you join the server, you will be put into the reception channel where you must agree to the posted rules to access all the other channels. Party specific channels will be visible on the day of the party.

We canít wait until we can see you all in person, but are looking forward to seeing you online until then. Before and after the party, the discord server is perpetually running and there for you to interact with people.

Itís also where we host our monthly virtual San Francisco munch, weekly socials, and random conversations. See everyone there.


Below are the rules for our server in general, and party specific rules.

The NSFW and SFW channels are open to everyone or specific people on the server. Read the pinned message at the top of some channels for more details about that particular channel.


  1. Obtaining consent is mandatory in all SoJ settings including online interactions. Be aware that people may not want friend requests just because they share a server with you. Make friends here first by chatting, attending events and getting to know them on the server here before you ask to send that friend request.
  3. Messaging someone from this group without permission will get you removed immediately.
  4. REPORTING If you need to report an incident or concern please contact any Mod or Officer directly. Itís confidential.
  5. Participation in this server comes with an expectation of behavior - including use of inclusive language. Being respectful of differences in opinion/preferences & refraining from engaging in trolling, harassment, or other abusive behaviors. Check these out for more details and examples:
  6. or
  7. Respect pronouns, presentations, & identities. Ask first If you're not sure!
  8. Server members here should aim for clear communication - keep in mind text does not always transmit emotion or intent. We encourage you to ask for clarification to prevent miscommunications.
  9. Do not save or share someone's personal/identifying photos, screen shots containing identifying/personal info, or other personal details without explicit permission to do so. The exception is if it's only info pertinent to the reporting of incident reports or relevant internal investigations pertaining to member safety.
  10. Keep NSFW (not safe for work) topics & images in channels marked NSFW.
  11. This server should not be treated as a meat market, fetish vending machine, or hunting ground. SoJ Members are welcome to post personals & seeking ads in the members only section.
    • Must not be porn. (Selfie smut is ok.)
    • Must not contain images of minors.
    • Must not be promoting any kind of hate.
    • Please keep BDSM posts and pictures to NSFW or party specific channels.
    • Post no pictures of others without their consent, sexual or otherwise.
  13. You may NOT save, screenshot, keep or otherwise distribute any pictures in any channel without public permission from the poster of the picture.
  14. The Moderators and Officers reserve the right to delete posts and pictures at-will. Screenshots will be held for our records. Disregarding these rules may lead to you being temporarily or permanently removed from this server and/or restriction from participating in other SoJ settings.

If you do not agree to these rules, please do not join or leave the server.

Society of Janus is and has always been an organization made up of the community and in service to the community. We are stronger for our diversity, including adults of all genders, orientations, colors, ethnicities, roles, and experience levels. We welcome all who have a genuine interest in kink and who respect each other's rights to self-expression, self-exploration, and authenticity. At each and every one of our events, we will strive to maintain and enforce a respectful and safe space for all attendees in celebration of this diversity, and expect the same of all attendees.

To maintain a safe and welcoming environment, we a set of consent guidelines for all of our events.

About Society of Janus

The Society of Janus is a not-for-profit, all volunteer, San Francisco-based education and support organization devoted to the art of hot, consensual and non-exploitative BDSM.

Janus provides an opportunity to meet others with similar interests in a safe, relaxed atmosphere. Society of Janus is open to people of all genders, sexual orientations, roles, and experience levels. Janus members are from all over the SF Bay Area. We host and sponsor events in many locations around the bay.

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