Sunday, August 22 2021
4:00pm - 6:00pm

EVENT CANCELLED -- Boardroom Dominatrix with Beatrice Stonebanks, How To Use Sex And Power To Increase Sales

In an abundance of caution, regretfully, we are cancelling this class due to the recent change in COVID-19 infections.

In person attendance requires that you be vaccinated against covid 19 and wear a mask during the presentation.

Creating a global movement, Boardroom Dominatrix changes the face of sales, replacing the derogatory, used-car salesmen approach with one of transparent integrity, and shifting old-school sales tactics to service-oriented ones. A boardroom dominatrix promotes sex and power as advantages, while respecting ethical boundaries.

The patriarchal construct around sales is not just dying, but is, indeed, already dead. A traditional feminine approach doesn’t necessarily fit as a replacement. A new paradigm, evangelized by Boardroom Dominatrix, is one that invites submission in sales. When we accept the power dynamic between domination and submission, a whole new world opens up.

Boardroom Dominatrix espouses tenets and tactics that will result in respect-based sales.

In this salon you'll learn:

The replacement for boardroom misogyny with the equitable exchange of a full gender spectrum of power.

How to identify what an Ideal Client is: knowing how they want to buy, to replace how you want to sell.

How to talk about money, never discount your rate, and get the price you desire without losing the sale.

How to figure out what you really want, and how to ask for it, every time.

The top opening and closing skills – asking for the close with power.

How to create powerful sales scripts – know the words that sell.

How to set the ground rules, negotiate the options, and define the safewords for conducting hot business meetings that increase sales.

The time is now. After the #MeToo movement. As patriarchal dominance is being questioned. Before gender equality and neutrality. Before global sustainable development as a mainstay of successful business. Before equity for all humans. Boardroom Dominatrix illustrates why and how to use gender, with the power each of us yields as buyers and sellers in the 21st century

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About the Presenter

Beatrice is an award-winning speaker, an author, and a community outreach leader who empowers all genders with her Boardroom Dominatrix mindset. She is an International Business Development Specialist who believes real success is about taking a look at what works and what doesn't work on a company’s sales team, getting egos out of the way and under-performers off the team. She raises the bar and reaps the benefits from leading by example, using straightforward communication, and bleeding edge technology, mixed with a powerhouse work ethic.

Beatrice loves creating new revenue streams for her clients — she is a natural top performer in B2B sales, management, technology, and publishing. She is known for implementing simple techniques that generate big results. In sales, it’s all about the results — she gets them, and teaches her clients how to do the same.

She leads private workshops for companies around the world, as well as public classes, locally and online. She is a Silicon Valley start-up advisor and mentor, and an accomplished speaker with an assortment of business development topics from which to choose. She is size and sector agnostic, with clients ranging from multibillion dollar giants like: Apple, Microsoft and Google, to small local businesses: CPA firms, architects, semi-conductor manufacturers, engineers, website developers and property management companies, among them. Her two criteria for an ideal client are: market share to capture, and willingness to do what it takes.

She sits on the Boards of Directors for several organizations, proudly.

Her professional credentials can be found here:
Her website here:

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