Thursday, August 2 2018
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Frustrating Escape Artists: The Science of Keeping Eels presented by Naturalturn


If left to their own devices, rope eels (aka escape artists) have an annoying tendency to shed their rope skin and sneak up on their tops with glee. Learn hidden camera secrets of how they accomplish those feats.

We'll then use those to frustrate their endeavors, providing endless hours of amusement for everyone involved!

We'll cover both principles and specific steps to secure several common ties such as the takate-kote and how to do it without making the bondage too tight.

This class is especially for you if you're frustrated because:
o Your submissive keeps embarrassing you by escaping.
o Rope bondage seems to you to really be just mental bondage because you find that ropes are too easy to slip out of.
o You can't truly get into subspace unless you try your best to escape and fail.
o You find it hard to tie bendy submissives and would love to learn ways to use their bendiness against them.
o You find that the only way to make rope inescapable is to make it so tight that it cuts off circulation.

Beware if your eel partner takes this class and you donít, because we'll also teach rope eels to be much more effective!

This is a fully hands-on rope bondage class for all experience levels. Be prepared for plenty of hilarity!

Paired/Coupled attendance is recommended but not required. If you are attending solo, please be open minded and enthusiastic about tying with other folks in the class.

Presenter Bio:
Naturalturn is a San Francisco Bay Area rope artist. He has been practicing and pioneering beautiful rope art and teaching workshops for 23 years. Experienced as both a top and a bottom (with a knack for escaping), he combines and juxtaposes a large repertoire of bondage styles and techniques, including several different schools of Japanese as well as Western bondage. He ties men and women with a smile in a playful, sensual, and devious manner. He loves to explore and ask why, whether it applies to rope folkways or the universe we live in, and even traveling to Antarctica twice to look for kinksters. Naturalturn is also a fire dancer and photographer.

-You must be 21+ with valid photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS as this is a bar.
-Arrive on time. Any guests arriving late may not be permitted to enter. Please understand that is in effort to not disturb our intimate workshop setting.
-Unfortunately, The Armory Club's downstairs event space is not wheelchair accessible.

Any questions can be sent to

We look forward to having you at The Armory Club, Kink's exclusive cocktail lounge!

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