Sunday, January 6 2019
5:00pm - 7:00pm

SEX BONDAGE presented by Two Knotty Boys


All techniques taught in this workshop are focused on the intent of you engaging your partner SEXUALLY while restrained!

Join JD and Dan in this 2-hour, hands-on intensive class as they teach dozens of their most popular rope bondage styles, as well as brand new, sexy, and innovative techniques that they've perfected in their private play over the past five years. Plus, get a preview of new non-rope skills for bondage they've devised for their next book that's in the works.

Learn a variety of easy-to-tie rope bondage techniques that are perfect for quick, comfortable, and secure immobilization. Bound body positions covered include: chest down ass-up, face-down and face-up spread eagles, flat-back suspended legs (by ankles), wrist-to thigh and ankle ties, wrist-to-wrist ties, and more!

Don't miss this thrilling rope bondage revival that's packed with techniques that go beyond the usual Japanese-style shibari. You'll walk away with a mastery of bondage skills for any rope or body type.

Please bring two 10-foot and one 20 to 30-foot lengths of soft cotton, nylon, or hemp rope. Here is a link to discounted rope from Kink Store

Solo registrations are totally fine! You may not be partnered with someone if attending solo so please keep that in mind.

About the presenters:
Two Knotty Boys began teaching their world-famous rope bondage classes back in 1999. Having published two how-to bondage books ("Two Knotty Boys: Showing You the Ropes" and "Two Knotty Boys: Back on the Ropes"), as well as more than 100 free video tutorials, they've taught literally millions of people how to enjoy a wide variety of rope bondage techniques, from basic, to domination, to sexual, and even suspension skills.

In August of 2012, they retired from teaching workshops together to pursue their independent creative projects, careers, and family plans. was proud to host their last workshop at the San Francisco Armory. Now, is even more excited to host their reunion workshops!

-You must be 18+ with valid photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS.
-Arrive on time. Any guests arriving late may not be permitted to enter.
-This location is wheelchair accessible.

Any questions can be sent to

We look forward to having you at Kink HQ!

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